Shaping the Future of Asia’s Real Estate Industry

"The PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the real estate industry in Asia." shares Jules Kay, GM of PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards & Events.

Asia Property Leaders Insights

Amidst the diverse and thriving real estate markets in Asia, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards illuminate remarkable achievements and set the stage for continued growth.

Honoring Excellence: The Prestigious PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards

In the realm of prestigious recognition platforms, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards reign supreme.

Shining through: Asia’s resilient property sector

From the booming metropolitan areas of the Philippines to the alpine attractions of Niseko in Japan, remarkable growth and evolution signals a future shimmering with potential.

Asia’s Real Estate Leaders Converge at PropertyGuru Week

This gala, the culmination of the 2023 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards series, features over 130 winners competing across 54 categories.

Powering Communities: Highlights from PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit and PropertyGuru Week.

The summit centered around the theme "Powering Communities," exploring how responsible leadership can contribute to the development and enhancement of future cities.

Calendar of Events

PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
18th August 2023

PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards
Jakarta, Indonesia
15th September 2023

PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards
Manila, Philippines
22nd September 2023

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Australia
Melbourne, Australia
13th October 2023

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Singapore
27th October 2023

PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
10th November 2023

PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards
Bangkok, Thailand
17th November 2023

PropertyGuru Asia Awards Malaysia in partnership with
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
24th November 2023

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards International Luncheon
Bangkok, Thailand
8th December 2023

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final
Bangkok, Thailand
8th December 2023

Grand Finals

Complete List of Winners

18th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Grand Final)

Greater Niseko, Japan

Award-winning Escapes and Culinary Gems in Niseko

Planning a Niseko getaway? Check out the recent 5th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) winners for top-notch stays and dining experiences.

Move to Niseko: The Aspen of Asia

At the 5th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko), exceptional hospitality and residential developments carved their mark, highlighting the best of this premier mountain resort destination.



Prioritizing User-Centered Design in Modern Architecture

This shift toward user-centric living was distinctly evident at the 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards, as developers showcased how they are embracing this trend.

Indonesia’s Pioneering Commercial and Hospitality Spaces Gain Recognition

The 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards recognized the pioneers of innovative commercial and hospitality spaces, honoring those who have redefined the landscape of property development in the country.

Building Indonesia’s Innovative Urban Habitats

Indonesia's premier townships and housing developments, as highlighted in the 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Award, reflect a forward-thinking approach to urban development.

Designing Dreams: Indonesia’s Architectural and Landscaping Excellence

The properties honored in the 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards underscore Indonesia's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and design excellence.

The Philippines

Celebrating Rising Stars in Philippine Real Estate

The Rising Star Award shines a light on early-career excellence, recognizing individuals who show immense potential and have already achieved notable success in the real estate industry.

Design Distinctions: The Philippines’ Best in Architecture and Interior Spaces

In its 11th annual staging, the Philippine Property Awards once again highlighted the nation’s most remarkable architectural and interior designs.

Building Dreams – Homes for All Filipinos

In the heart of every Filipino lies a dream – a space to call their own.

Par Excellence: Development Across Industries in The Philippines

Led by skilled teams, these projects highlight innovation, sustainability, and design, steadily cementing the Philippines’ reputation as a significant player in regional property development.

These Next-Level Offerings are Shaping the Future of Living in the Philippines

These properties distinguish themselves by their commitment to delivering next-level offerings that shape the future of living.

Holistic Havens – The Rise of Residential Wellness in The Philippines

More people are prioritizing wellness and health, there are more developers creating residential developments that blend modern luxuries with sustainability and holistic living.