These Next-Level Offerings are Shaping the Future of Living in the Philippines

These properties distinguish themselves by their commitment to delivering next-level offerings that shape the future of living.

Amidst the nation’s rapidly transforming urban landscape is a burgeoning demand for high-end homes that go beyond the status quo to offer something better.

This soaring demand is more than just a nod to luxury, it is a manifestation of a shifting lifestyle where the lines between work, play, and home blur. In an age where remote work is becoming the norm, residences that offer a holistic living experience are becoming more favored. More than ever, individuals value homes that aren’t just spaces to live in but environments where they can work, relax, and indulge in recreational activities — all under one roof.

This soaring demand is more than just a nod to luxury, it is a manifestation of a shifting lifestyle where the lines between work, play, and home blur.

Next-Level Living

According to a recent report by Colliers Philippines, luxury and ultra-luxury development projects accounted for 34% of the overall take-up in 2022. This aligns with the global paradigm shift of individuals placing greater emphasis on their living spaces.

The global pandemic impelled many people to re-evaluate their lifestyles, and a significant portion of the population began seeking homes that best integrated their work, leisure, and daily needs. Luxury homes, equipped with modern technology and emphasizing comfort and well-being, became the epitome of this holistic living experience.

The surge of luxury residences in the Philippines mirrors this global shift. These properties distinguish themselves by their commitment to delivering next-level offerings that shape the future of living. More than just homes, they are ecosystems tailored to the needs and desires of more discerning buyers.

Highlighting this trend is Lyf Malate Manila, winner of the Best Alternative Accommodation Development title at the 11th PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards. Lyf Malate Manila, managed by The Ascott Limited and Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC), elevates co-living to a luxury experience. Beyond simply providing a shared living space, it promotes connectivity, community, and a dynamic living experience for the modern generation through upscale amenities like co-working spaces, social gyms, and rooftop lounges.

Another notable project by TLDC – 3Torre Lorenzo clinched the award for Best Integrated Work From Home Development. Designed prioritizing residents’ comfort and productivity, its open layout ensures spaciousness for those opting to work from their units. It offers in-house health and wellness amenities, ensuring residents don’t need to step out for their well-being activities.

Similarly, Sierra Valley Gardens by RLC Residences was recognized as the Best Condo Development in Luzon. Designed with the millennial investor in mind, it offers future-ready living spaces equipped with smart home features, fiber optic technology for a more dependable connection, and other work-from-home upgrades.

Meanwhile, Patio Suites Abreeza by Alveo Land, the winner of the Best Condo Development in Metro Davao, combines contemporary city living with relaxed comfort. As a modern building situated in a prestigious lifestyle district, it ensures comprehensive living and working conveniences, enhancing daily leisure experiences while reflecting Davao City’s rich culture and modern lifestyle.

When considering next-level offerings, the Grand Hyatt Manila Residences South Tower by North Bonifacio Landmark Realty and Development, winner of the Best Branded Residential Development, truly stands out. Adjacent to the iconic Grand Hyatt Manila, this posh edifice with its wraparound glass façade epitomizes urban luxury. Beyond its stunning architecture, residents can enjoy hotel-like living with à la carte services such as concierge assistance, private chef bookings, and flower arrangement services, making it the pinnacle of sophisticated city living in Southeast Asia.

Beyond the Skyline

Innovative horizontal developments are also making waves in Philippine real estate. The Villages at Lipa by Aboitiz Land Inc., within the vast LIMA township, showcases the appeal of balancing metropolitan conveniences with suburban tranquility, earning it the Best CBD Development award.

Pueblo de Oro Townscapes Malvar, the winner of Best Township Development, prioritizes eco-conscious luxury, emphasizing sustainable living throughout its structures.

Grand Riverdale by Antel Land stands out as the Best Sub Division Development, an exquisite residential masterpiece with a captivating courtyard concept that epitomizes the pinnacle of contemporary living.

Narra Park Residences by Alsons Development and Investment Corporation sets the standard for housing in Metro Davao, securing the Best Housing Development title. It promises a safeguarded, expertly constructed community tailored for burgeoning families. Beyond comfort, the development champions sustainability with its generous parks and amenities, enhancing day-to-day living.

In Luzon, Ajoya Cabanatuan by Aboitiz Land, Inc. stands out, bagging the Best Housing Development award. Offering a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle in Cabanatuan City, its design, reminiscent of the Filipino bahay na bato, effortlessly fuses the traditional with the modern.  Likewise, Likha Residences by PHINMA Prism, which won Best Housing Development in Metro Manila, introduces modern townhouses inspired by the traditional bahay kubo, capturing the nation’s evolution from its rich history to its bright future.

Pioneering Developers and Visionaries

These groundbreaking projects are driven by visionary developers like Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation, awarded Best Boutique Developer, and Robinsons Land, distinguished as the Best Developer in Visayas, both raising the bar for living standards in the country.

As the esteemed judges at the awards commented, “Pioneers of quality university accommodation, Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation focuses on taking lifestyles to the next level with premium residential developments. Prime locations and amenities allow for a simple work-life and study-life balance. Other projects include a business park township and brand-name hospitality.”

Jose R. Soberano III, Chairman, President, and CEO of Cebu Landmasters, Inc

Another notable figure in the industry is the Real Estate Personality of the Year, Jose R. Soberano III, Chairman, President, and CEO of Cebu Landmasters, Inc. Before founding Cebu Landmasters in 2003, he served the Ayala Group of Companies for over two decades. As part of the pioneering team that launched Cebu Holdings, an Ayala Land subsidiary in Cebu City, he spearheaded various projects and was instrumental in shaping the Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park. These strategic urban developments have become pivotal to Cebu’s economic trajectory. Having held esteemed positions such as Senior Division Manager at Ayala Land and Vice-President of Cebu Holdings, Soberano brings not only his vast real estate experience to Cebu Landmasters but also a fervent desire to positively impact cities and communities through masterfully-planned and executed developments.

The data from Colliers Philippines indicates a surge in demand for luxury condominiums, rising from 5% to 34% in just one year. This highlights the swift transformation of the Philippine real estate landscape and mirrors an evolving society that desires more than just a dwelling. As the appetite for luxury living grows, these Philippine property developers stand poised to meet and surpass these expectations, defining the future of modern living.

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