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The Netherlands: A recovering economy rediscovers Japan

With world-renowned international companies and a growing number of small and midsize enterprises, the Netherland’s diverse economy is well positioned for tomorrow...

High-tech expertise and unique collaboration — Fujifilm has established deep roots in Brabant

When looking at the Netherlands, Brabant is the province for innovation and knowledge. This province has evolved into a hotbed of innovative ecosystems in high-tech systems and life sciences. It is the No. 1 region in research and development spending and more than 50% of all patent applications in the Netherlands are generated here.

Kintetsu World Express (Benelux): Supporting people in their daily lives

Japan-headquartered Kintetsu World Express celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and as “A Global Brand Born in Japan,” the company is strengthening its commitment to Europe.

Plugwise: Switching on energy-reduction solutions from the Netherlands to Japan

Headquartered in Sassenheim in the province of South Holland, Plugwise is proud of its Dutch heritage. The company’s fully automated production facility is located in Eindhoven and today the family business has grown into a truly innovative company.

McDermott and Bull: Empowering change

“We don’t just present CVs, we deliver game changers,” said Norbert Meijer, the company’s managing partner and head of Japan desk.
“We value our client and candidate relationships and apply professional tools and modern techniques to localize, qualify and present our clients with executive talent.”

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