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One-stop-shop accounting and advisory solutions for foreign companies in Japan

Captains of industry and pioneers of startups, alike, know that airtight accounting and tax compliances are vital to a company’s success. A fraction of an error can have huge consequences—no matter the size of your enterprise.

The expertise, network, and services for every Japanese startup in Berlin

Few things are more rewarding to those with an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit than to set up their own company. But, bottom line: startups are a lot of work. With millions of startups launching each year, the competition is tough. Success can be a tenuous concept, without the right tools.

50 years of Qatar – Japan relations

Satoshi Maeda, Ambassador of Japan to the State of Qatar shares his insights on the Qatar - Japan relationship. What have Qatar and Japan achieved together over the last 50 years.

A driving force in Qatar and the region

Group CEO Abdulla Mubarak Al-Khalifa speaks about Qatar National Bank’s role in Qatar’s economic growth. How is QNB supporting Qatar’s development.

Business Britain

Japan and the United Kingdom share a strong bond. On Jan. 31, 2020, the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union in a process referred to as Brexit (British exit). The world watched as the country repositioned itself on the world economic stage and in less than a year, deals were being done.

Bridging Countries

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