Business Britain

Japan and the United Kingdom share a strong bond. On Jan. 31, 2020, the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union in a process referred to as Brexit (British exit). The world watched as the country repositioned itself on the world economic stage and in less than a year, deals were being done.

Broadstone solutions benefit Asian businesses

Broadstone is a leading, independent, full-service pension and employee benefits consultancy. With over 450 employees across eight locations in the United Kingdom, the group provides tailored services for businesses and supports a client base that includes startups and Global Fortune 500 companies.

Ecovis APO delivers expert solutions to British and international firms in Japan

The Japanese market offers high-quality services, a loyal customer base and strong local partnerships for foreign companies seeking to do business in the world’s third-largest economy. For companies active in automotive supply chains, high-value services, electronics, machine tools, shipping and consumer goods, Japan is an attractive, yet often challenging market.

Therma-Chem: On target to help clients reduce emissions

Therma-Chem is located close to Glasgow, the Scottish city that recently held the COP26 climate summit. The family-owned company helps petrochemical and power-generating clients reduce emissions through the production and application of unique chemical products.