A trusted partnership

Japan’s Ambassador to Finland Kazuhiro Fujimura

‘The future looks very bright!’

Finland’s Ambassador to Japan Tanja Jaskelainen

Evondos: The Nordic market leader in pharmacotherapy technology

Taking the correct medicine at the prescribed dose at the right time is a challenge for many people. The solution? A user-friendly medicine-dispensing robot from Evondos, one of Finland’s fastest-growing health tech innovators.

Empowering innovation

Technology entrepreneur Juha Rantala speaks with Bridges

Nightingale Health: The preventative health company

Nightingale Health is a health technology company aiming to promote preventative health with its proprietary blood analysis technology.

Setting a new benchmark for travel on the Baltic Sea

As the leading European provider of leisure and business travel and sea transportation services in the Baltic Sea region, the Tallink Grupp has a fleet of 14 vessels and carried nearly 10 million passengers yearly before the pandemic, to destinations across the Nordic region.