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Belgium and Japan: Bursting with potential

An Interview with Ambassador Roxane de Bilderling on Belgium-Japan Relations

Vinçotte: Driving excellence in vehicle homologation

Vinçotte, Belgium’s leading inspection, auditing and certification company, takes pride in its expertise and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions in the field of vehicle homologation.

Get a head start in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the heart of Europe’s major institutions, consumer markets and logistics networks, welcomes Japanese companies seeking to do business in the region.

The essence of European craftsmanship: Scabal’s heritage in fine fabrics

Scabal, an esteemed name in the world of luxury fabrics, boasts a remarkable history.

Strengthening Belgium-Japan Ties

The Belgium-Japan partnership continues to flourish through the efforts of organizations like JETRO, Normec OWS, and KUBEC. Their endeavors strengthen trade, innovation, and academic exchange between the two nations, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both Belgium and Japan.


Savor the Taste of Belgium in Tokyo: Champ du Soleil Restaurant

Experience the essence of Belgium right in the heart of Tokyo at Champ du Soleil restaurant, led by owner and chef Nobuaki Harada.

Shipping & Logistics

Conti-Lines: Committed to growth in the Japanese market

“Exactly because of these values — which are paramount in the Japanese culture and in the way they do business — our company is...

Nippon Express: Delivering the goods in the heart of Europe

Belgium is a major gateway to the European continent and beyond. The country’s role in the pan-European network led to Nippon Express, a leading...