Mitutoyo: Innovating precision measurement to advance Taiwan’s industry and technology

Mitutoyo Taiwan, a stalwart in precision-measuring equipment, has adeptly responded to the dynamic demands of the industry, particularly amid Taiwan’s evolving labor landscape and heightened quality standards.

Chairman and General Manager Yoshio Tsutsumi sheds light on the company’s strategic adaptations.

“With Taiwan’s declining labor force and escalating need for stringent quality assurance, we recognized the imperative to innovate,” Tsutsumi said. Mitutoyo introduced the revolutionary MiCAT Planner, streamlining measurement processes by up to 95% and setting a new industry benchmark.

“It has far exceeded our expectations, and the MiCAT Planner is poised to become an industry standard for operating three-dimensional measurement machines,” Tsutsumi emphasized.

Responding to the precision measurement needs of internet-connected devices and smart factories, Mitutoyo Taiwan launched an automation and inline business team in January to provide the latest solutions and precision measurement services.

At Mitutoyo’s three M3 Solution Centers in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, they exhibit systems combining robots and automatic conveyors to provide tips for solving bottlenecks in inline measurement. The M3 Solution Centers are pivotal, not only showcasing products, but also serving as platforms to solve customers’ measurement challenges through demonstrations of cutting-edge equipment and techniques.

With Taiwan’s declining labor force and escalating need for stringent quality assurance, we recognized the imperative to innovate.

Yoshio Tsutsumi, Chairman and General Manager of Mitutoyo Taiwan

Mitutoyo Taiwan conducts live demonstrations of machine tools and measurement machines integrated with robots and automatic conveyor systems at various locations, including the showrooms of Mitsubishi Electric and Makino, as well as at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, vocational training centers and national universities.

“The importance of education is ingrained in Mitutoyo’s ethos,” Tsutsumi affirmed, echoing founder Ehan Numata’s philosophy. As Mitutoyo Corp. celebrates its 90th anniversary, Mitutoyo Taiwan’s slogan of “Realizing growth strategy through the practice of change, transformation, and connection,” underscores its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

“As a local subsidiary, compliance is our top priority,” Tsutsumi said. Mitutoyo Taiwan remains steadfast in refining precision measurement technology, contributing to the advancement of Taiwan’s industry and technology — its greatest mission.

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