Igus: Innovating engineering solutions for the motion plastics biz since 1964

In Germany’s manufacturing industry, wherever anything moves, Igus is there.

For decades, the company has been in the business of developing and manufactur­ing motion plastics, which are high-performance poly­mers used for movement. These revolutionary, lubrica­tion-free products — which include energy supply sys­tems, highly flexible cables, plain and linear bearings, lead screw technology, 3D printing, Low Cost Automa­tion, and smart polymers — are employed across a wide range of vital applications, in various sectors.

With 190 newly developed physical and digital products — like a low-cost robot oper­ated through a virtual reality headset, and a smartphone artificial intelligence appli­cation that identifies and or­ders spare parts for various industries — Igus drives en­gineering forward.

Entering its 60th year in the business, Igus is taking a more creative and greener approach: “Enjoyneering — unleash your engineering power with play.” This di­rection showcases the latest motion plastics technologies in more innovative and sus­tainable ways, utilizing VR applications and low-cost au­tomation, among others.

We want to develop new so­lutions that even small com­panies with limited budgets can easily use.

Frank Blase, Chief Executive Officer of Igus

“The possibilities of vir­tual reality for mechanical engineering design are abso­lutely fascinating,” Igus CEO Frank Blase pointed out. “We want to develop new so­lutions that even small com­panies with limited budgets can easily use.”

With a thrust toward a carbon-neutral factory by 2025, the family-run com­pany based in Cologne is in the thick of developing systems and improving the environmental balance of plastics through progressive recycling programs. Along­side its technological ex­pansion, Igus continues to broaden its global reach.

Presently, Igus has over 188,000 customers and around 5,000 employees at 31 locations, worldwide. Ja­pan is an important market for this growth.

“Japan is one of the big countries for us, in terms of sales, and we’ve been doing business with the Japanese for more than 30 years. With our unique products, we are currently serving a roster of Japanese businesses, includ­ing machine tool builders, semiconductor manufac­turing equipment builders, crane builders, automotive-related companies and more. There is an especially large opportunity in the Japa­nese automotive market. Currently, we’re increasing resources in Tochigi, to in­crease production capacity. Igus is globally putting more and more focus on low-cost automation, too. We believe we can expand this business in the Japanese market, as well,” Blase shared.


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