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Land of the Kiwis leads the charge: Taking a pioneering role in renewable energy

New Zealand, a nation synonymous with stunning landscapes and pristine wilderness, is leading the charge in a global movement toward a sustainable future.Recent statistics...

Nelson Pine Industries: Champions of circularity, beyond construction

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd. is a cornerstone of New Zealand’s industrial landscape for multiple reasons. As one of the world’s largest single-site producers of...

Shared principles: Two nations navigating Pacific cooperation

Ahead of the upcoming 10th Pacific Island Leaders Meeting, where Japan and New Zealand will reaffirm their commitment to Pacific regional cooperation, the bilateral...


The Otu̅whero Estate Story

Wild and sea swept, OTU Estate is positioned at the edge of the Southern Ocean - where the ancient Otu̅whero River runs through the lower Awatere Valley, of Marlborough New Zealand.


New Zealand and Japan mark 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations

The bilateral diplomatic relationship between Japan and New Zealand commenced on 28 April 1952 with the entering into force of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. The New Zealand Embassy in Japan was New Zealand’s first diplomatic mission in Asia, and was closely followed by the establishment of the Japanese Embassy in New Zealand.

New Zealand and Japan Going on 70 years

In November 2020, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern held a telephone talk, during which they reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthening the Strategic Cooperative Partnership, founded on common values and a strong commitment to peace and security, free trade and investment and sustainable development.


Nelson Pine Industries: Champions of circularity, beyond construction

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd. is a cornerstone of New Zealand’s industrial landscape for multiple...

Nelson Pine Industries: Rooted in tradition, building on technology

Quality and reliability have enabled Nelson Pine Industries Ltd. to carve out a notch in the industry as a world-renowned manufacturer of sustainably sourced, technologically advanced wood products.

Nelson Pine Industries grows happiness from trees

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Sumitomo Forestry Co., one of the world’s...

Nelson Pine Industries: Nurturing success

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd. (NPIL) is a true New Zealand-Japan success story. Located in Nelson on the northern shores of New Zealand’s South Island, NPIL processes Radiata Pine, a large softwood, from the Nelson- Marlborough region.

Daiken: A quality supplier and trusted investor

New Zealand’s sustainable Radiata Pine wood is renowned for its quality, stability, durability, superior color and smooth finish.


Toyota New Zealand: Driving toward a cleaner and greener tomorrow

For over three decades, Toyota New Zealand has been at the forefront of the country’s automotive sector — in the sales arena, initially, and eventually in the development of new technologies to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Toyota: Winning the hearts of New Zealanders

Neeraj Lala, who took the helm as the CEO of Toyota New Zealand last...

Toyota: New Zealand’s favorite automotive brand

Toyota Motor Corp. is the global leader in automotive sales. In the New Zealand market, the same holds true and this year marks Toyota’s 31st consecutive year as market leader.

Suzuki: A way of life in New Zealand

Japanese cars, motorcycles and outboard marine engines can be found throughout New Zealand’s beautiful cities, towns, off-road tracks, lakes and rivers. Suzuki New Zealand Ltd. is active in all three segments and continues to build on its reputation across the country.