IGNIS helps Chinese companies compete in the $14 billion global AMOLED display market

IGNIS Innovation Inc. (IGNIS) is a Canadian display technology company based in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle: Waterloo Ontario. 

Our company is focused on improving the quality of active matrix organic LED (AMOLED) displays. We do this by using patented technologies to compensate for AMOLED displays’ inherent weaknesses. Over the years the flat panel display industry evolved from economies such as Taiwan and South Korea to now include the Chinese mainland. Today, China is a dominant force in the flat panel industry when it comes to LCD displays. The next generation displays are now becoming thinner and more complex using AMOLED technology. Mainland-based companies are working hard to become a major player in this sector, but lag behind the technological know-how of their counterparts inSouth Korea and Japan.

Over the past five years, IGNIS, the only independent company with the ability to help advance the mainland-based AMOLED display makers so that they can overtake the others, has concentrated our efforts to build relationships with many Chinese display and integrated chip companies. These companies are powerhouses such as CEC Panda, BOE Technology Group, Tianma and TCL, just to name a few. IGNIS offers these partners a patented approach to improve display quality, increase output and extend the useful life of the display to meet today’s requirements. This is accomplished through both a licensing of technology, and a transfer of the knowledge and know-how. This is why LG Display of South Korea licensed our technology in 2016.


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