Award-winning Escapes and Culinary Gems in Niseko

Planning a Niseko getaway? Check out the recent 5th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) winners for top-notch stays and dining experiences.

Niseko, celebrated as Japan’s premier resort area, exudes cosmopolitan charm amidst Hokkaido’s diverse holiday destinations. Attaining cult status among global snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts, Niseko has captivated visitors worldwide for the past decade. In addition to its renowned slopes, the destination invites year-round outdoor activities, such as rafting or trekking in the summer. Niseko’s allure extends beyond sports, boasting a rich ancient heritage and a vibrant culinary scene.

Planning a Niseko getaway? Check out the recent 5th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko) winners for top-notch stays and dining experiences.

Niseko’s allure extends beyond sports, boasting a rich ancient heritage and a vibrant culinary scene.

Where to stay:

Niseko Kyo by Rooftop RE (Japan) Pte Ltd

Upon arrival in Niseko, it’s impossible to ignore the majestic Mount Yotei greeting you from the near distance. In the heart of the Hirafu Resort area, Niseko Kyo by Rooftop RE stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of elegance and warmth. Awarded the title of Best Condo Development (Greater Niseko), Niseko Kyo captures the essence of luxury living in the charming village of Hirafu.

This newest luxury residence features in-room private onsens, offering guests a serene soak in natural hot springs with breathtaking views of the Ace Family Run or Mount Yotei. Niseko Kyo’s on-site restaurant, operated by the renowned Naniwatei, promises an exceptional dining experience. With a dedicated ski valet service, well-equipped gym, and the allure of the surrounding landscape, Niseko Kyo invites guests into a world of opulence and tranquility.

Aura Niseko by Iconic Group

Aura Niseko by Iconic Group, acknowledged for Best Hotel Condo Architectural Design, provides affordable luxury in Niseko. Aura’s architectural design emphasizes simplicity and elegance with light-hued stonework, delicate metallic accents, and floor-to-ceiling windows framing breathtaking panoramic vistas of Mount Yotei and Mount Annupuri. The development includes a grand double-height lobby, private hot baths, and a family-friendly courtyard.

“Aura Niseko by Iconic Group translates minimalist design into elegance with modern, illuminated condo spaces. Light-colored stonework, metallic framing accents, and oversized windows create a uniformity that stands out from the landscape and is influenced by it. A glass corridor leading to a courtyard connects blocks and celebrates the scenery,” shared the judges.

ZIA Niseko by Iconic Group

Winner of the Best Mixed-Use Resort Architectural Design, ZIA Niseko by Iconic Group seamlessly blends condos, townhouses, and a spacious villa. Offering a range of 1 to 4-bedroom condos, deluxe duplex penthouses, and a luxury single villa, ZIA provides unobstructed vistas of Mount Yotei.

ZIA’s exterior façade, featuring minimalist, zen-like elements, integrates with the natural splendor of Niseko. A unique glass corridor links the two condo blocks, creating a surreal connection to the outdoors. ZIA’s opulent sanctuary, grand double-height lobby, indoor and outdoor onsen spa, restaurant, and family-friendly courtyard make it a noteworthy addition to the prime Hirafu locale.

NISADE & The Luxe Nomad

Best Property Management Portfolio

Founded in 2006, Niseko Alpine Developments (NISADE) has become the largest fully integrated property specialist in Niseko, Hokkaido. From design and construction to property management and real estate, NISADE sets new standards of Niseko excellence, managing over SUSD400m worth of projects. The company prioritizes innovation, sustainable designs, and unique lifestyle concepts. The multi-award-winning NISADE team, selected for their unique talents, embodies a commitment to continual improvement. The Luxe Nomad, Asia-Pacific’s largest luxury vacation rental and management company, collaborates with NISADE. Managing an exclusive collection of villas, chalets, and aparthotels, The Luxe Nomad focuses on providing exceptional service, attention to detail, and building personal connections to enable guests to “Dream a little. Travel a lot.”

NISADE and The Luxe Nomad prioritizes innovation, sustainable designs, and unique lifestyle concepts.

According to the judges, “Property management leaders NISADE and The Luxe Nomad combine talent and expertise to deliver on an impressive portfolio of properties. This ranges from budget-friendly hotel rooms providing accessibility to resorts to luxurious, designer chalets promising unique spaces and experiences. Curated listings cover Hirafu and Niseko villages, and Kabayama.”

Hotel101-Niseko by Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd.

Recipient of the Best Value Hotel Condo Development award, Hotel101-Niseko epitomizes modern, minimalist, and affordable luxury as the inaugural international location for the Hotel101 chain from The Philippines. This hotel provides a unique, simple, and sustainable platform for investors in the branded-affordable hospitality segment.

Spanning six stories with a steel and reinforced concrete structure, Hotel101-Niseko boasts a contemporary design featuring earthy palettes that seamlessly blend with Hokkaido’s natural surroundings. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability is evident through green initiatives like low emissivity glass glazing and LED smart bulbs.

Offering all-day dining, swimming pools, a fitness gym, business centers, private dining rooms, children’s playground, ski lockers, shuttles to the slopes, and more, Hotel101-Niseko ensures maximum accessibility and convenience for its guests. The integration of Filipino culture in HappyRooms, featuring the traditional ‘banig’ design, adds a unique touch to the hotel’s ambiance.

Where to eat:

Sushi Kato Setsu Niseko

Winner of the Best Restaurant Design, Sushi Kato Setsu Niseko promises the ultimate ocean-to-table Japanese kaiseki experience. Centred around a six-seater sushi counter and an eight-seater private dining room, Sushi Kato’s offers an extraordinary and intimate culinary experience.

Chef Toru Tayasu, with over 50 years of experience, hand-selects the freshest seafood daily, crafting exquisitely composed sushi, sashimi, and Kaiseki menus. The restaurant’s warm ambiance, traditional Japanese design, and commitment to fresh, local ingredients make it a must-visit culinary destination in Niseko.

“Sushi Kato Setsu Niseko by Sushi Kato is a theatrical, sophisticated, and homely restaurant space. The ambiance is of a contemporary culinary retreat nestled within the expanse of the landscape. The restaurant features traditional Japanese design elements with a dramatic cutout wall light in the shape of nearby Mount Yotei,” said the judges.

Ultimo Niseko

Recipient of the Best Resort Restaurant Design award, Ultimo Niseko, located within Andaru Niseko, by Blue Waves Group, offers a unique and exquisite dining experience. The restaurant is part of a facility that includes a clubhouse and six cabins, all designed with pointed-arch profile roofs, signifying harmony with Hokkaido’s tradition.

Ultimo’s interior design, centered around walnut, creates a warm and tranquil atmosphere that seamlessly harmonizes with the snowy landscape. The restaurant’s landscaping concept, based on natural topography and vegetation, minimizes negative environmental impact, offering an outstanding view of Mount Yotei within its horizons.

Where to go:

Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA)

Special Recognition for Public Recreation Facility

The Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA) aims to unite and grow the mountain bike community in the Niseko area, working towards the common goals of creating, enhancing, maintaining, and protecting great places to ride. Seeking harmony with the greater Niseko community and the natural environment of Hokkaido, NAMBA envisions transforming Niseko into Asia’s premier mountain bike destination. The association is committed to creating a sustainable mountain bike community and off-road biking ecosystem, with initiatives such as building accessible trails for all levels, advocating for all forms of mountain biking, promoting equality and inclusion, and establishing a network of world-class mountain bike trails in Niseko and surrounding areas. NAMBA also emphasizes fiscal responsibility, collaboration with stakeholders, and offering clear benefits to supporters.

Whether you’re carving through powder, unwinding in an onsen, or savoring local delicacies, Niseko’s award-winning establishments guarantee an unforgettable escape. Explore these gems, embrace simplicity, and let Niseko’s winter paradise unfold before you.

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