Designing Dreams: Indonesia’s Architectural and Landscaping Excellence

The properties honored in the 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards underscore Indonesia's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and design excellence.

Indonesia, an archipelago known for its stunning natural beauty and cultural vibrancy, is a canvas where architects, designers, and developers paint their dreams into reality. A crossroads of civilization for centuries, its architecture reflects the rich influences that have shaped its history. Explorers, colonizers, missionaries, traders, and merchants have all left their influences Indonesia’s architecture and landscape.

The accolades of the 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards exemplify the harmonious integration of Indonesia’s architectural heritage with modern design sensibilities.

Historically, Indian influences have dominated the Indonesian architectural landscape. Yet, over time, subtle nuances from Chinese, Arab, and European design styles have been artfully woven into the fabric, resulting in a distinctive mosaic of architectural wonders. Even in the bustling cities, traces of colonial legacies endure, while the emergence of postmodern and contemporary designs reflects Indonesia’s confident stride onto the global architectural stage.

The accolades of the  9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards exemplify the harmonious integration of Indonesia’s architectural heritage with modern design sensibilities. Take, for instance, Hiera – The Heartland of BSD City by PT Sinar Mitbana Mas, the recipient of the Best Township Masterplan Design award. This modern township represents a fusion of best practices and innovations from Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore, boasting distinctive features such as a neo-classical facade adorned with a pitched roof, French windows, and genkans, which combine a porch and a doormat in traditional Japanese style.

“Cherishing the precious quality of a peaceful, green lifestyle is the design ethos guiding Hiera – The Heartland of BSD City by PT Sinar Mitbana Mas,” commented the judges. “Studded with lakes and gardens, the city is an oasis. Ease of living is enhanced with sustainable mobility created by integrating transport links.”

The Tamansari Swarna Residence by PT Wijaya Karya Realty, recipient of the Best Affordable Housing Architectural Design award, blends Indonesian culture with modern minimalist design, featuring South Sumatran songket ornaments. Architecturally, it incorporates local insights into its modern minimalist design. The landscape emphasizes endemic flora, notably the aromatic Tembesu tree, creating a sanctuary feel in Palembang.

Furthermore, TwoSenpati by Asiana Group, honored with the Best Upper Condo Architectural Design, exemplifiesthe depth of modern Indonesian architectural capabilities with its dual-facade design and innovative construction techniques. The floors feature high-quality marble, enhancing the interior’s sophistication. The North facade boasts a transparent design with glass for natural light and openness, while the South facade, using wood-like materials, offers warmth and a harmonious integration with nature.

Leading Indonesia’s architectural and landscape transformation is Summarecon Agung, notably recognized this year with a commendable eight nominations spanning its subsidiaries. Known for their expertise in crafting townships, residential spaces, and commercial compounds, Summarecon’s visionary projects capture the essence of the Indonesian architectural evolution.

Awarded the Best High-End Housing Interior Design, Jasmia Residence at Summarecon Crown Gading melds modern classic design with Indonesia’s rich traditions. Meanwhile, Rainbow Springs Condovillas by Summarecon Serpong, winner of the Best Condo Landscape Design, embodies Indonesia’s dedication to integrating nature into living spaces. Its tropical villa ambiance and biophilic architecture underscore Indonesia’s modern, eco-conscious design ethos.

“Rainbow Springs CondoVillas is brimming with greenery, with an eco-park, aromatherapy garden, and jogging track. The landscape embraces linear parks, thematic gardens, and green rooftop spaces. As well as a fishpond, beach-style swimming pool, and a tree house there is a forest lagoon, green maze, and lakeside picnic areas,” shared the judges.

Even in more affordable living spaces, Aspena Residence by PT. Taspen Properti Indonesia, which received the Best Affordable Condo Architectural Design award, demonstrates thoughtful design and attention to detail. Its interior, characterized by wood patterns, aluminum, bright colors, and glass, exudes both luxury and warmth, especially noticeable in the lobby and elevator areas.

Indonesia’s diverse landscapes, ranging from pristine beaches to majestic mountains and lush golf courses, have also become the backdrop for architectural and design excellence.

Positioned elegantly beside the 8th hole of Emeralda Golf Club, the Garden Residence at Emeralda Golf by PT. Atera Anugrah Makmur clinched the Best Luxury Housing Architectural Design. The residence encapsulates a harmonious blend of nature’s tranquility, innovative design, and cutting-edge smart home technology, offering an idyllic escape from urban hustle.

The Sanctuary Collection by Perennial Holdings Pte. Ltd, PT. Cipta Harmoni Lestari, and CNQC Realty (South Pacific) is strategically situated near modern conveniences, setting a new standard for mountainside living. With its breathtaking mountain views and the world-renowned design by DP Architects, it marries elegance with nature seamlessly. This standout project epitomizes Indonesia’s capacity to blend luxury with sustainable living, earning both the Best High-End Housing Architectural Design and Best Housing Landscape Design awards.

In Batam, Serenity Central City’s Beachside offering by Central Group charts a new course for villa-style indulgence amidst a tropical haven.

Over at Batam, the Serenity Central City, Beachside by Central Group, is paving the way for villa-style living in a tropical paradise. Winning the Best Housing Architectural Design (Greater Indonesia), it redefines luxury in a tropical setting. Villas, resorts, and a captivating beachside promenade harmonize in a design narrative that emphasizes luxury while fostering a deep connection with the surrounding nature

The properties honored in the 9th PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards underscore Indonesia’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and design excellence. It is clear that the nation’s residential developments are more than just structures, they are the realization of architectural dreams.

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