La Maison de Tanger

Discover the house: Vast and filled with light, La Maison de Tanger offers guests exceptional rooms, a garden with a swimming pool and a rooftop with views of the city and the bay.

A genuine haven of peace and tranquillity in an exceptional setting.

Tangier, a Moroccan port on the Strait of Gibraltar, has been a strategic gateway between Africa and Europe for centuries. La Maison de Tanger is located in the heart of the city just five minutes from the famous Grand Socco square.

Welcome to La Maison de Tanger

Discover the house: Vast and filled with light, La Maison de Tanger offers guests exceptional rooms, a garden with a swimming pool and a rooftop with views of the city and the bay.

A genuine haven of peace and tranquillity in an exceptional setting.

Guests are constantly falling under the charms of its neo-Moroccan style and architecture inspired by the 1930s.

Ideally located and easily accessible, La Maison de Tanger offers the friendliness of a guest house and all the comforts of a luxury hotel.

The guesthouse offers five rooms and three suites all with supervised private parking. Each is different, comfortable, spacious and bathed in light, with views over the garden, the Strait of Gibraltar, or the mountains. Many of the cozy rooms also have private terraces.

Each room has been decorated in a unique style and has its own character. Each item of furnishing, decoration and work of art has been purchased from boutiques around the world and has a story to tell. Such diversity reflects the multicultural image of Tangier, a city with multiple influences.

All bedrooms are fitted with central heating, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a safe and quality bedding, which can be adapted on request. The bathrooms are the height of comfort. The balconies and private terraces afford magnificent views of the Strait, garden or mountain.

Delighting guests

In the heart of La Maison de Tanger is a luxuriant 600 m2 garden with a swimming pool, a veritable Eden which never fails to delight guests!

Accessible via the lounge, dining room and from the guesthouse’s upper floors, the garden features a one-hundred-year-old palm tree, many orange trees, a vast rubber tree, a multitude of flowers and other lush plants.

On fine days, the guesthouse serves meals, breakfasts and dinners on request, in the garden, far from the commotion of the Grand Socco.

Rooftops reflections

For lovers of sun and idleness, the guest house has furnished its roof terrace. Greenery, pergola, large benches, deckchairs, sea view, birdsong, all the ingredients are there to awaken the senses. Guests can enjoy their breakfast, have a quiet drink, or chat with their neighbors.

Whether sunbathing or in the shade, this is the perfect place to escape Tangier’s tumult. (Sunshine hours: All day, non-stop).

Alex Henry Foster: Meet the owner

Alex Henry Foster is a Canadian artist, singer, musician, writer and activist, best known for being the singer and frontman of the Montreal band Your Favorite Enemies.

The band was founded in 2006 and nominated for a Juno Award for their album Between Illness and Migration in 2015. In 2018, Foster announced the release of a first solo project, Windows in the Sky, through Hopeful Tragedy Records and Sony Music / The Orchard.

His first solo album reached number 6 on the Billboard Canadian Albums Chart on the second week of its release. Alex Henry Foster was nominated at ADISQ for the first time in 2019 with his first solo effort “Windows in the Sky” for Anglophone album of the year.

A word from Alex

I am cheerfully honored to let you know that, as of today, I have the wonderful and incommensurable privilege to be the new owner, alongside my best friend and faithful accomplice Jeff, of the highly esteemed and renowned boutique hotel La Maison de Tanger, located in the heart of the old city. This is a dream I have had for quite some time now, a project we actively started working on last March and that became an improbable reality only a few weeks ago.

And, if it wasn’t already incredible enough of a realization in itself, August 2nd marks the 5th anniversary of the moment I first drifted to Tangier, in what was a period of great desperation for me. I wasn’t only emotionally worn out, physically exhausted and spiritually hopeless, but also unable to see many more reasons to keep on going with my existence any longer. It was undeniably the lowest point of an endless free-falling bleakness for me. And to say that I have been welcomed by the dazzling nature of the city after drifting for so long would be an understatement.

So, it’s an uplifting sensation for me to presently write this message while soaking in the singular vibe of the city and looking at its luxuriantly dreamy bay, sitting on the hotel’s terrace, located only a few rooftops away where I used to sit 5 years ago mourning my father’s passing, trying to find answers to questions I had never had the courage to ask myself before, hoping to make sense of it all. Those reflections are what would eventually give life to my first album “Windows in the Sky”.

Don’t give up… Tangier, which has been abandonment so many times in the past, now offers a stunning sight for everyone to behold, blazing and radiant like never before.

Alex Henry Foster, owner of La Maison de Tanger

If some could see this new endeavor as some sort of full circle, I foresee that adventure as a fabulous opportunity to offer an unbelievably soulful shelter to anyone looking for a place to rest, to mourn, to reimagine their lives, to design or redesign their personal journey, as much as embrace life, love, friendship and whatever we might want to define our upcoming seasons with. And who knows, we may have the exhilarating happiness to witness a new generation of writers, painters, musicians, and visionaries who may be inspired by the generosity of the city and impacted by the people who make Tangier one of the most beautifully unique places in the world, always-evolving.

I have faith in the city’s human and cultural entity, where everyone is someone, where every visitor is invited to be an everlasting friend, no matter who we were when we initially drifted at its feet, always welcome to return regardless of who we may have become after our passage in its midst. All transformed, if only a little, by its fluid essence. At least that’s what Tangier is for me, and for so many others as well: a timeless yet eternal city of refuge that flows in its own rhythm… Free.    

I wish that news and its hopeful unlikeliness come as a comforting encouragement for you, my dear and precious friends. It’s one of the so many others living testimonies that not all possibilities of revivification and restoration are forever lost, even when we are unable to find ourselves nor able to find a reason to believe tomorrow could ever come with just enough promises for dawn to rise anew. Don’t give up… Tangier, which has been abandonment so many times in the past, now offers a stunning sight for everyone to behold, blazing and radiant like never before.

Much love, Alex
+212 (0) 660 68 88 52 (mobile)
+212 (0) 539 93 66 37 (landline)

Thank you for your generosity for Morocco


In the name of everyone at Hopeful Tragedy Records, La Maison de Tanger, The Long Shadows, and In De Goot Entertainment,

On this 75th anniversary of the Human Rights Day, I’m profoundly humbled to announce that thanks to your incredibly heartfelt generosity and your active empathic mobilization, we’ve not only been able to give 5000$ in donations to the Moroccan Red Cross, the High Atlas Foundation, and the Banque Alimentaire but also to distribute thousands of postcards with words of support. We teamed up with dear friends and local associations in order to provide necessary basic kits such as blankets, socks, warm clothing, water, food, and tents to the numerous people affected by the earthquakes that occurred in the southern part of Morocco on September 8th and who are now facing the implacable reality of winter.

It’s truly a privilege for me, my collaborators, representatives, and loved ones to be part of a family composed of individuals as extraordinary as you, always engaged in turning compassion into action, ever willing to make a difference in other people’s lives, in your community, or in places of needs where you can have an impact, may it be by giving financially, offering a bit of your time, writing a message, or any possible way you can. You are profoundly inspiring.

Let’s keep on being a hopeful voice and a benevolent presence in a world that seems to become more and more cynical with every new human catastrophe and natural disaster we have to communally deal with and personally process the reality of.

May you be blessed, my precious friends.


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