Jakarta: An Incredible Capital

From luxury to leisure, experiences to expat-life: Bridges sat down with Christian Wurm, general manager of the Park Hyatt Jakarta.

Bridges: From Germany to Indonesia. What path did you take on your way to Jakarta?

Wurm: I began my international career 26 years ago working in the Maldives with Four Seasons. It was a wonderful start as I left the cold of Berlin and arrived at a beautiful destination in the Indian Ocean.

I then reached the Caribbean, which is another beautiful part of the world and from there I spent several years in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia.

I worked in Australia for seven years as the general manager at the beautiful Park Hyatt in Sydney, Australia; right underneath the Sydney Opera House, another wonderful experience. I then worked in Chennai, India and spent three years in Thailand before coming here to Jakarta.

What were your first impressions of the Park Hyatt Jakarta on your arrival?

The Park Hyatt Jakarta is one of the leading Park Hyatt’s in the world. The way the building has been constructed is designed to welcome guests and there is a wonderful interpretation of space which guests can feel when they enter the building.

We encourage visitors to Jakarta to stay with us, experience the culture found across the city, enjoy the world-class shopping Jakarta offers, take one of our tours, attend some concerts and events and explore the dynamic capital of this incredible country.

Christian Wurm, General Manager of the Park Hyatt Jakarta

The experience here, particularly on the upper floors, is nothing short of spectacular. We offer fitness facilities, steam rooms and an amazing swimming pool. The Japanese restaurant is one of the best in Jakarta and all of our restaurants offer sophisticated cuisine. We really do have a great deal to offer guests.

As a city, what are some of the highlights Jakarta has to offer?

Jakarta is one of the world’s most amazing places to live and work. While most people go to Bali or Lombok, as a city destination, Jakarta offers a wealth of cultural, historical insights and contemporary experiences. Today the city’s reputation is gaining a following as a key Southeast Asian destination.

Indonesia, while a Muslim nation, is a secular country. Indonesians are extremely welcoming to all cultures and to people of all backgrounds so this is an amazing place to be.

Jakarta offers an interesting mix of culture, history – we are next to the National Monument here – and the city really is a true melting-pot. Various people, cultures and nationalities have made Jakarta their home and there is a prosperity within the society here. One only needs to look at the incredible street food, right here near the hotel, to gain an understanding of the rich European and Asian flavours the city has to offer.

The fifth largest mosque in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia can be found here in Jakarta. I found it to be one of the most welcoming places to visit with people wanting to show me around. Here at the Park Hyatt Jakarta, we offer guests historical and cultural tours so they can truly experience Jakarta and enjoy museums, take photographs of the city and join trips around the capital.

What is being done to strengthen Jakarta as a tourist destination?

The government is developing the nation’s tourism sector in various ways. Of course, they focus on the more well-known tourist destinations but Jakarta is also being promoted internationally as a great city to visit and an excellent place to hold meetings and events. Tourist numbers are on the rise and as a leading hotel in the city, we can see the progress being made.

Jakarta is definitely a hidden treasure. Visitors first come here before seeing the rest of the country and we want to encourage them to stay two or three nights. Jakarta is a really big city, and as such, there is a lot happening in terms of events, sports, music and more. The city offers everything one could wish for and this is being driven by its dynamic, young population.

How important is it to have a young team at the Park Hyatt Jakarta?

There is a vibrancy here amongst our staff. They are smart, full of good ideas, creative and because they love what they do, they are doing a fantastic job.

We train, support and encourage our staff as we are only as good as our weakest link. Individual goals are linked to leadership expectations and our young team are creating experiences for our guests and also for themselves as they learn, work and develop their abilities and make a difference within Jakarta’s hospitality industry.

Young people here are very open-minded. Many speak English and have worked abroad and experienced life in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Singapore, for example. With 280 million people here in Indonesia, there is a certain amount of pressure to work hard, succeed and achieve.

We have an open-minded team who understand the importance of being flexible and we invest in our people to ensure their personal development. As general manager, I want to surround myself with the best people who are willing to work hard and progress.

As general manager of a truly international hotel, what is the best part of your job?

I want to foster diversity within the hotel business and provide guests with an incredible experience while encouraging our people to do their very best. At Park Hyatt, we say that ‘Luxury is Personal’ and we want to give every guest a memorable experience, cater to their every requirement and we truly look forward to the arrival of each of our guests.

We respect local and foreign cultures and incorporate these into our daily tasks. For example, Japanese guests are very important to us and we understand their needs and provide them with the services and amenities they have come to expect from us. We have a Japanese speaker; the Japanese restaurant – we understand how important it is to understand the needs of every guest.

What does the future hold for the Park Hyatt Jakarta?

Park Hyatt Jakarta is part of the new generation of five-star hotels in Jakarta. We are very well-known in the city and across Indonesia within the luxury segment. We are looking forward to building on our brand’s reputation for quality and service.

Loyalty is something which is instilled in Indonesian culture and wants to create a loyal following of guests who appreciate the Park Hyatt brand and what it stands for. This is a very challenging role and sharing our message is very important in order to change perceptions and create a passion for the work we are doing.

We encourage visitors to Jakarta to stay with us, experience the culture found across the city, enjoy the world-class shopping Jakarta offers, take one of our tours, attend some concerts and events and explore the dynamic capital of this incredible country.

For us, bringing people together is very important and will always have a positive impact. MICE events (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) are crucial for Jakarta and the number of large corporate gatherings is increasing. We will play our role in hosting events and bringing people together.

Our ‘Masters of Food and Wine’ events are an enjoyable learning experience which we host at Park Hyatt properties worldwide. Guests and attendees can get together, enjoy a great evening and meet very interesting people. Here in Jakarta, our message continues to be: “Don’t wait – come and check out Jakarta!”

For more information on Park Hyatt Jakarta visit:

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Jakarta Pusat 10340 Indonesia
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