Mercure Tokyo Hibiya: A new star in Japan’s theatre district

Mercure is a globally renowned brand under the Accor Group, priding itself on being locally inspired and on crafting hotels that embody the unique essence of each destination.

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya is the latest addition to Japan’s vibrant hospitality scene, shining a spotlight on Tokyo’s historic and artful theater district.

During the Meiji period (1868-1912), the Hibiya neighborhood emerged as a symbol of Japan’s modernization, hosting prestigious social gatherings at Rokumeikan Hall and witnessing the construction of renowned theaters and cinemas like the Imperial Theatre, Nissay Theatre, and Hibiya Film Center.

Conveniently located just steps away from Shimbashi, Uchisaiwaicho, and Hibiya stations, and within walking distance of many landmarks and points of interest, Mercure Tokyo Hibiya provides easy access to its locale.

As Hibiya continues to flourish as a cultural hub, Mercure Tokyo Hibiya pays homage to its rich heritage through its innovative design concept, “Stage Art.” This artistic vision is meticulously curated throughout the hotel’s 178 guest rooms and suites, lobby, restaurant and bar, executive lounge, fitness center, and meeting room. From captivating lighting to intricate rugs and stage-inspired decor, every detail resonates with the spirit of theater.

The third-floor executive lounge, exclusive to privilege and suite room guests, provides a serene retreat with Mercure’s signature “Local Discovery” culinary experience, offering light refreshments and a view of passing local trains. Additionally, the floor features a private meeting room accommodating up to 20 guests and a fitness center.

Their inviting restaurant La Scène, meaning “the scene” in French, welcomes diners are into a vibrant space adorned with an art installation inspired by dance ribbons. The menu celebrates the harmony of seasonal ingredients prepared with traditional French techniques, emphasizing the use of locally sourced Japanese ingredients to create memorable culinary experiences.

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya’s General Manager Michiaki Suzuki sets the stage:

Bridges: How does Mercure Tokyo Hibiya’s design concept, inspired by the history of Hibiya, manifest in the hotel’s spaces and ambiance?

Suzuki: The design concept of Mercure Tokyo Hibiya draws inspiration from the rich history of Hibiya, known for its vibrant theater scene dating back around 120 years. Our aim is to pay homage to this history by infusing our spaces with elements reminiscent of Main Stage arts and performing arts. For instance, our third floor, focused on movies, features elevator halls adorned with art pieces inspired by iconic female stars while the lounge exudes the atmosphere of a movie set. Moreover, the restaurant, embracing a lively ambiance with audience-like interactions and live music, brings forth the creative energy and the lush nature of Hibiya Park. Our design, influenced by traditional Kabuki or Noh theater aesthetics, also incorporates art installations like “Etoile,” representing the graceful movement of ballet dancers, in respect to the star players of Hibiya.

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya stands as a pioneer in Tokyo, blending unique creativity and excitement into its design ethos. Spearheaded by designer CROW and President Fujimoto, the design seamlessly fuses Art Deco influences from France with the cultural heritage of Japan’s theater era.

How does the hotel ensure guests have easy access to views, attractions, and cultural experiences?

Mercure Tokyo Hibiya enjoys an ideal location, with Ginza, a high-end area, just next door, offering guests a blend of sophistication and local charm. Additionally, within a five-minute walk, guests can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Hibiya Park or explore the historic Imperial Palace, once the site of the Edo samurai castle, providing a glimpse into Japan’s rich history.

Furthermore, our strategic proximity to four stations within a 10-minute walk, serving 14 train lines, ensures seamless connectivity to various attractions. Shimbashi Station, a mere two-minute walk away, connects guests to popular destinations like Hakone and Mount Fuji. With such easy access, guests can delve effortlessly into Tokyo’s vibrant cultural tapestry.

Can you share standout dishes or unique culinary experiences at La Scène, the restaurant described as an important scene in guests’ stories? How does the hotel showcase local flavors and ingredients in its culinary offerings?

At La Scène, our chef Nishimura, with a wealth of experience from Michelin-starred restaurants in France and Switzerland, curates an exquisite culinary journey that celebrates authentic French techniques and locally sourced Japanese ingredients. The menu, refreshed every season, highlights seasonal flavors and Tokyo’s culinary essence. Notable dishes include the signature bouillabaisse, offering a tantalizing blend of flavors and textures.

To further elevate the dining experience, our bartender crafts innovative cocktails, leveraging the array of local Japanese spirits and ingredients. Additionally, starting next month, guests can savor their meals on our newly installed terrace, adding a touch of alfresco dining charm to their visit.

A unique offering at La Scène is our focus on sustainability and locality. Chef Nishimura personally visits farmers in Hachioji, sourcing fresh produce and establishing exclusive partnerships. Moreover, our desserts feature honey sourced directly from the Imperial Palace, showcasing our commitment to supporting local artisans and preserving traditional flavors.

How does Mercure Tokyo Hibiya integrate sustainability practices into its operations and guest experiences, aligning with its mission and values?

Sustainability lies at the core of Mercure Tokyo Hibiya’s operations, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible tourism. Our sustainable mobility program minimizes single-use plastic usage across the hotel, while amenities like shampoo and soap are offered in refillable bottles. In the kitchen, Chef Nishimura emphasizes a zero-waste approach, creatively repurposing ingredients to minimize food waste and environmental impact. While we have made strides in sustainability, we recognize the need for continuous improvement and remain dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices across all facets of our operations.

Are there any special offers or promotions for guests, and how does the hotel utilize Accor’s Lifestyle Loyalty program, ALL, to enhance the guest experience?

At Mercure Tokyo Hibiya, we prioritize enhancing the guest experience, especially for our valued Accor ALL members. Discussions are underway to introduce exclusive amenities for Diamond and Platinum members, providing a personalized and memorable stay. Recognizing our guests by name and tailoring services to their preferences are integral to creating a welcoming and unforgettable experience. We are committed to elevating our offerings and ensuring that every guest feels valued and appreciated during their stay with us.

As Mercure Tokyo Hibiya embarks on its journey, what excites you the most about the hotel’s potential impact and unique contributions to the hospitality scene in Tokyo?

What excites me the most about Mercure Tokyo Hibiya is the potential impact it can make on both guests and the hospitality scene in Tokyo. Our dedicated team, comprising individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, embodies the spirit of hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels at home during their stay. As a landmark hotel in Hibiya and Ginza, we aim to raise awareness of the Mercure brand in Japan and beyond, encouraging guests to return not only to Hibiya but to Mercure hotels, worldwide. By fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, we strive to create lasting memories and meaningful connections with our guests, leaving an indelible mark on Tokyo’s vibrant hospitality landscape.

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