A Luxurious Home Away From Home: 48 Hours at The St. Regis Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s vibrant energy is undeniable. This bustling metropolis seamlessly blends business districts with cultural pockets and a relentless pace.  My recent trip, however, demanded a different experience. While on a business venture, I craved a sanctuary amidst the whirlwind, a place to unwind and recharge. The St. Regis Hong Kong, celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, proved to be the perfect answer.

Where grandeur meets modernity

Pulling up to the dramatic driveway, the iconic St. Regis insignia gleamed, setting the stage for a truly grand arrival. Here, grandeur meets modernity, in effortless elegance.  From the moment I stepped out of the car, a welcoming team of staff greeted me with a level of attentiveness that made me feel like royalty. Stepping into the lobby, I was instantly captivated. Designed by renowned Hong Kong interior designer André Fu, the space exudes a sense of opulence, where old-world New York luxury seamlessly intertwines with modern-day sophistication.  Imagine a luxurious home away from home, a “curated mansion” as they describe it. This feeling extended far beyond the lobby; it pervaded every inch of the hotel, from the elegant suites to the acclaimed restaurants.

Equal parts fabulous and familiar

My suite was gorgeous; nothing short of a sanctuary, really. The design felt personal, with fixtures and color palettes that evoked the feeling of a bespoke space, one I could have dreamt up for myself. The sense of “home” was further amplified by the impeccable service. Every detail was meticulously attended to, ensuring a lavishly comfortable and relaxing environment.

With a busy schedule looming, the hotel became my haven for the next 48 hours. Mornings began with a delightful ritual — a proper, elegantly served breakfast at the bright and airy The Drawing Room. This elegant space also plays host to the daily Champagne Ritual, a tradition that celebrates the transition from day to night everyday at 5:30pm. The highlight?  The St. Regis champagne sabrage, a ceremony dating back to Napoleon Bonaparte himself.  The storied tradition is carried out with a custom-made saber, crafted by the Chief Maréchal des Logis of the French Republican Guard, which certainly adds a touch of history to this daily celebration.

Given my limited time and a yearning for familiar comfort food near Central Hong Kong, I decided to order room service.  Much to my delight, the wonton noodle soup was an absolute revelation which satisfied my cravings. This seemingly simple dish testified to the exceptional culinary standards maintained by the hotel — which, after all, is home to ‘Rún’, Chef Hung Chi-Kwong’s two-MICHELIN-starred Cantonese restaurant. For those seeking something a little more decadent, the Lobster Linguine is every bit as rich and flavorful as one could hope for.

A gastronomic odyssey at L’Envol

However, the true culinary highlight of our stay was lunch at L’Envol, the hotel’s two-MICHELIN-starred French restaurant. Led by the visionary Chef Olivier Elzer, L’Envol offers a captivating exploration of French haute cuisine. The focus is on innovative interpretations, where meticulously sourced ingredients from France and Asia come together to create an unparalleled dining experience.

We opted for the “Les Inspirations de La Semaine,” a dynamic and highly anticipated four-course weekly seasonal menu. This innovative concept perfectly illustrates the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence and creativity. It’s a testament to ensuring a constantly evolving selection of extraordinary dishes, guaranteeing that even frequent guests have something new and exciting to discover at every visit.

While on a business venture, I craved a sanctuary amidst the whirlwind, a place to unwind and recharge. The St. Regis Hong Kong, celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, proved to be the perfect answer.

Each course of our “weekly inspiration” was a meticulously crafted masterpiece. The French white asparagus with raspberry and mustard sauce was a delightful interplay of sweet and savory, followed by the pan-seared Normandy scallop with confit scallop roe and roasted scallion velouté. The main course, charcoal-grilled venison lion with home-made sausage and smoked baby carrot condiment, was a robust and satisfying culmination of the culinary journey.

For dessert, we indulged in the Provencal almond parfait with citrus composition & herb sorbet and a Pistachio Soufflé with caramelized pistachios and Gaulois ice-cream.  As I write this, my mouth still waters at the memory of these exquisite dishes. The elegant dining room, adorned in a chic palette of beige, white, and gold, perfectly complemented the artistry and elegance on each plate.

The Best Address

The St. Regis Hong Kong may be a newcomer to the bustling Wan Chai district, but it has undeniably established itself as a superlative choice. Whether you’re on a business trip or a leisure vacation, the hotel offers a haven of comfort, luxury, and exceptional dining experiences. I would go so far as to say that it is more than just a hotel, really — it is an experience that encapsulates the very essence of Hong Kong.

Beyond the indulgence, The St. Regis Hong Kong prides itself on its impeccable service. The dedicated St. Regis Butler service catered to our every whim, anticipating our needs before we even voiced them. This wasn’t just empty talk; it was a seamless experience facilitated by their personal Whatsapp Butler Service. Imagine this: a craving for dim sum at three in the morning? A quick message to your butler and steaming baskets of this customary comfort food appear at your door, in no time. Need reservations at a trendy rooftop bar for that special night? Your butler takes care of it all.  Even the mundane task of arranging luggage pickup upon check-out becomes effortless with a simple WhatsApp message. These personalized touches, available 24/7 at your fingertips, truly elevate the experience, solidifying the hotel’s commitment to personalized luxury.

In anticipation of unforgettable escapes

While my schedule precluded me from indulging in all the other amenities and delights The St. Regis Hong Kong has to offer — including their rendition of a Bloody Mary, named Canto Mary, which celebrates the quintessence of Cantonese culture — a quick tour piqued my interest for a future visit. For one thing, the hotel boasts a world-class spa; the perfect antidote to a long flight. Stepping into the serene sanctuary, I could almost imagine the stress melting away. Yet another, the hotel features a heated outdoor pool; a refreshing oasis amidst the urban landscape.  These amenities, along with the personalized service, promise a truly holistic and rejuvenating experience.

As we departed The St. Regis Hong Kong, we left not only with a complete sense of rest and rejuvenation, but also with a deeper appreciation of the city’s multifaceted character. The hotel provided a luxurious sanctuary amidst the urban buzz, a place to unwind and indulge, all while offering a gateway to explore the city’s hidden treasures. The St. Regis Hong Kong is a true gem in Hong Kong’s crown, a place where luxury and personalized service combine to create an unforgettable experience.

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