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Türkiye and Japan: An Exemplary Century

Korkut Güngen, Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to Japan on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Japan

Turkey: 100 years of business brilliance

As Turkey approaches the centenary of its founding as a republic, its global partnerships and economic prowess shine brightly.

Yanmar Turkey: Engineering success and sustainability to enrich society

With a well-established history dating to 1912, Yanmar Co. is a highly reputed manufacturer of diesel engines, industrial and agricultural machinery, energy systems, marine vehicles and more.

Elite Organic: The holistic wellness brand

Bridges presents an insightful interview with Çağrı Eşmekaya, the visionary CEO of Elite Organic, exploring the brand's ethos, growth, and global aspirations.

Japan-Turkey Relations: Strengthening Ties and Future Prospects

Japan’s ambassador to Türkiye, Takahiko Katsumata discusses the dynamic bonds between the two nations, highlighting mutual growth, shared goals, and upcoming collaborative endeavors.

JETRO Istanbul at 60: Charting Future Paths in Turkey

Hiroto Kobayashi, Senior Managing Director of JETRO Istanbul, reflects on six decades of fostering Japan-Turkey trade ties.

Strengthened Bonds: The Turkish-Japanese Foundation’s Journey

Prof. Dr. Nejat Bora Sayan, President of the Turkish-Japanese Foundation, speaks about their dedicated mission to intensify the connection between Turkey and Japan.

Pioneers of Progress: Voices from the Turkish Business Frontier

In synergy with The Japan Times' celebratory focus on 100 years of business brilliance in Turkey, Bridges Magazine invites readers to delve deeper into the personal chronicles of the very pioneers who have been instrumental in crafting Turkey's commercial legacy.

Turkey and Japan, beyond borders

Turkey and Japan have a strong relationship built on a long history of helping each other.

Vestel Group: Creating social and environmental benefits through technology

The Vestel Group comprises 24 companies, 16 of which are overseas. Key business areas include home appliances, consumer and automotive electronics, 5G infrastructure, battery technology, artificial intelligence and health care.

Tat Gida: An admired Turkish brand

The global food and beverage industries are fast-changing businesses. As consumers become more empowered, demand for quality, nutritional and safe products is increasing.

Time to meet again with our flying chefs service

Turkish Airlines wants to make you a tasty in-flight meal once again. The airline announced the return of its in-flight chef service, serving passengers on long-distance flights.