La Sultana hotels: Unique, enriching travel experiences

Creating a captivating, cosy, insider world inspired by a generous spirit of hospitality, La Sultana hotels give precedence to iconic places and extraordinary experiences.

At La Sultana hotels, the concept of well-being offered to guests is rooted in nature and the appreciation of life’s simplest pleasures.

For a hotel stay offering a special lifestyle, the exclusive experience proposed by La Sultana hotels conjures up the Orient of all guests’ dreams – further inspired by innovation.

La Sultana hotels’ approach to ancient and contemporary Morocco embraces the beauty of artistic craftsmanship. Accompanied by a collector’s passion, this dedication to sheer mastery based on age-old know-how brings decors to life, creating an exotic and uplifting backcloth for a bespoke stay.

At La Sultana hotels, the concept of well-being offered to guests is rooted in nature and the appreciation of life’s simplest pleasures.

Traditional cuisine and culinary research give precedence to simplicity, to share the essential values of produce sourced from lush natural surroundings. The richness of Moroccan heritage and the call of wide-open spaces are invitations to discover protected sites and experience moments of rare privilege. La Sultana hotels provide a unique, enriching travel experience, in luxury hotels guaranteeing discreet, top-quality service.

La Sultana Marrakech and La Sultana Oualidia: Luxury in all its simplicity

Creating a captivating, cosy, insider world inspired by a generous spirit of hospitality, La Sultana hotels give precedence to iconic places and extraordinary experiences.

Located in exceptional listed sites in the heart of Marrakech and on the lagoon of Oualidia, the hotels stylishly alternate plush settings with a philosophy of living in the great outdoors. La Sultana Marrakech and La Sultana Oualidia perpetuate the legend of a Morocco open to beauty and culture. With an inborn sense of service, they maintain ties with a privileged world in which the concept of contemporary hotels is linked to expert craftsmanship, respect for traditions and the environment.

An invitation to enjoy intimate, richly colored travel

In both Marrakech and Oualidia, each guest writes his or her own story, relishes dining at the restaurants and embraces the settings in sheer delight, as one would in a family home.

In an interpretation of taste that gives priority to enjoyment and excellence, La Sultana’s unique hotels invite guests to appreciate an informal experience of luxury and instinctively cultivating the ‘tailormade’. At La Sultana, loyal commitment and the art of hospitality have a soul. In a succession of details, attentiveness and delicacy, guests are treated to the pleasure of bespoke, rare and refined services.

A Gem in the City

La Sultana Marrakech – An authentically Moroccan experience
Tucked away in the heart of the Kasbah, La Sultana Marrakech is, in itself alone, a Moroccan adventure and a gem in the city.

With its patios expertly sculpted by master-craftsmen, its gardens and rooftops overlooking the city, it is close to the historic sites of the Saadian Tombs, the Royal Palace, the Bahia Palace and is within the perimeter of the Medina listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

La Sultana Marrakech offers 28 rooms and suites, all different. The hotel boasts decor enriched by artworks and collections of art, luxuriant gardens in the heart of the Kasbah, a heated pool, a roof-terrace of 2,000 sq. meters overlooking treasures of architecture, a spa and treatment rooms, two restaurants, a cocktail and ‘mezze’ bar, a gym and a terrace dedicated to cookery classes.

The promise of an unforgettable stay

Backed by the Moulay El Yazid Mosque, just a 10-minute walk to the famous Djemaa El-Fnaa Square, the inner heart of La Sultana beats to the vibrant rhythm of Marrakech. Hidden from view and protecting its secrets, La Sultana unfurls panoramic views, vast and awe-inspiring, from the souks close by to distant landscapes in the Atlas mountains.

The renovation has been carried out in collaboration with the historic monuments in order to preserve with authenticity the past of this residence. The most respected master craftsmen in Morocco have restored the woodwork, the zellige tiles and the plasterwork in order to create a luxury hotel while honoring the building’s traditional architecture

F. Cherradi, Architect for the Minister of Culture & representative of the historic monuments

A Gem by the Sea

La Sultana Oualidia – relaxation and ecology
This hidden gem goes hand-in-hand with ecology. On the Atlantic coast, between Safi and El Jadida, La Sultana Oualidia surveys the lagoon where guests can gaze at the ocean as far as the eye can see. The tides provide the rhythm of life in a landscape of hypnotic beauty.

An uplifting breath of life amidst luxuriant nature, La Sultana Oualidia is designed as a family home. With its private terraces, collections by designers, objects unearthed in markets and contemporary paintings, guests can opt for the privilege of getting away from it all or setting off to discover nature of insolent beauty.

The conciergerie at La Sultana Oualidia ensures every guest’s dream of freedom comes true. The hotel anticipates and imagines memorable life experiences, suggesting a wide array of activities intended for a clientele on a constant quest for renewal. Surfing, fishing, picnics facing the ocean, birdwatching, horse-riding are all available.

La Sultana Oualidia offers 12 tastefully decorated rooms and suites, with private terraces and Jacuzzis, a cabin suite perched in the trees, a swimming pool opening out to the lagoon, plus a heated indoor pool, a spa with treatment rooms, a gym, two restaurants and an oyster-bar with salty savors, an organic vegetable garden and a fish tank.

In the midst of a nature reserve
The enchantment of the lagoon is where the tides creep in, setting the pace of passing time and painting a thousand fascinating scenes. Through the quality of this natural site of high ecological-value at the edge of the ocean, La Sultana Oualidia beguiles, casting its spell.

Between salt marshes and market gardens, oyster beds and local fisheries, La Sultana Oualidia unfurls its architecture of carved stone. Surrounded by botanical collections, the hotel is a subtle, harmonious balance between an ecological approach and a commitment to architecture. A Babylon of prickly pears, palms, agaves, euphorbia, cereiform cacti, yuccas, aloes is found nestles within the site, around bends and beneath suspended terraces.

At a time when questions are being asked about the genetic heritage of species and water resources, La Sultana Oualidia is 100% self-sufficient in water thanks to a natural cycle. It has succeeded in creating an environmentally friendly world which enjoys total autonomy, not harming its surroundings in any way. Each plant, each tree, is in fact an illustration of its natural setting, its original habitat and a future waiting to be invented.

After Marrakech, go to Oualidia the Montauk of Morocco

L. Nieset, Vogue US

A Moroccan Itinerary

La Sultana’s 8-night Ultimate Moroccan Itinerary has been carefully curated to include one captivating experience each day in both Marrakech and Oualidia. Designed to inspire and reinvigorate the senses, guests are taken on a journey inspired by Arabian Nights to discover the local secrets of this Kingdom through a range of excursions that are cultural, adrenaline-pumping, epicurean and of course relaxing.


For future generations to come, La Sultana understands its sense of duty to protect, conserve and restore culture and be custodians of the areas where both hotels are situated. Each guest stay can help drive positive changes towards the conservation of Morocco’s natural environment and cultural heritage.

La Sultana – A timeline

2000 Creation of the Groupe La Sultana
2004 Creation of La Sultana Marrakesh, in the Kasbah neighborhood of Marrakesh
2007 Creation of La Sultana Oualidia, Lagoon of Oualidia
2015 Creation of La Sultana Yacht, under independent management

La Sultana’s seven core values

A sense of place Acquiring a deep feel for coherence. From the reception to the rooms, dining, suggestions for experiences – priority is to impart a love of Morocco while arousing emotions. The best of Morocco is embedded in architectural details, hospitality and the rigorous sourcing of products.

Informality At La Sultana, objects have a soul. Walls tell the tale of a Morocco lovingly fashioned to attain perfect balance and harmony. The concept of a collection allows for rare moments – defying the codes usually observed in the hotel world. A series of theatrical decors provide a rich backcloth for the narrative of age-old beauty.

Hospitality La Sultana hotels are the guardians of respect for hospitality and the handing down of traditions. Guests at La Sultana can bask in the warm, reassuring atmosphere of a private home.

Confidentiality In magnificent sites, hidden from prying eyes but open to the world, Sultana properties invite guests to embark upon an intimate voyage in which each guest is treated to privileged moments. La Sultana hotels offer exclusive but cosy luxury and the discreet, attentive care of a personal concierge.

Simple pleasures Deeply felt experiences arise from curiosity that is roused on an everyday basis. Twenty such experiences are suggested by each hotel, including private dinners, water sports, getting in shape, bespoke treatments, museum visits, sunsets, picnics and cookery classes.

Creative dining Gourmet and inventive, dining at La Sultana means savoring the bounty of nature and fresh market flavors. Fruit and vegetables from small producers and local fishermen’s catches are prepared on the spot. Morocco’s flagship products and the ‘slow-food’ locally sourced philosophy allows for sustainable development.

Commitment. In constant pursuit of eco-responsibility, La Sultana protects, preserves and restores the resources handed down by a 1,000-year-old civilization for future generations.

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