A Modern Moroccan Seaside Retreat: Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

With architectural marvels both historic and modern, a cutting-edge art scene and world-class restaurants, Casablanca is a fascinating port city.

With architectural marvels both historic and modern, a cutting-edge art scene and world-class restaurants, Casablanca is a fascinating port city.

Bathed in natural light, the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca is a seaside hotel which cascades down a hillside toward the Atlantic.

Guests can enjoy sweeping views from private balconies which easily fulfil the romantic reputation that precedes Casablanca.

A large white building behind a wall of brick with two old cannons on top the wall, the hotel is perched on a beach just ten minutes from the heart of Morocco’s largest and liveliest city.

Guests can enjoy sweeping views from private balconies which easily fulfil the romantic reputation that precedes Casablanca.

Four Stylish Guest Rooms

Well-appointed Guest Rooms offer the very best in comfort and privacy, while providing a peaceful retreat in which to relax and unwind.

Three Suites

Ideal for both business trips or family vacations, these expansive Suites provide all the extra space guests could need and offer separate sleeping and living spaces.

Three Speciality Suites

Premium Specialty Suites are perfect for family and friends or extended stays, with separate living and sleeping areas and provide extra space to entertain or unwind.

Ceremonial Hammam Signature Tea Time by Maison d’Asa

This hammam ritual is a purifying bath that uses menthol flavors to encourage an olfactory journey that guarantees total relaxation. It drives away fatigue, sublimates the skin and awakens the senses.

Discovering Casablanca with Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

“North of the city center, about a 6.5-kilometer (4-mile) drive from the Hotel, is La Sqala, an 18th-century fortified bastion that’s a tranquil escape from the city. The café has a rustic interior and a delightful garden surrounded by flower-draped trellises. Tajines are a specialty, and the menu features plenty of fish, as well as a selection of meat brochettes. My favorite dish is the chicken tagine with preserved lemons and red olives. It’s simple but classic.” — Christophe Laplaza, Executive Chef

“My favorite spot to have a drink is undoubtedly the bar at Rick’s Café, where you can relive the romance of the iconic movie “Casablanca” and order a signature cocktail inspired by Humphrey Bogart’s character. The best day to go for drinks is on Jazz Sunday when local musicians play. I recommend the Sour Jdid – a delicious mixture of whiskey sour, red vermouth, mashed lemons and a splash of sparkling water – named after the Boulevard Sour Jdid where Rick’s Café is located.” — Marouane Benfakir, Restaurant Manager

“Mahkama du Pach, also known as the Pacha’s courthouse, is an administrative building in the Habous area, famous for its turquoise carved wooden doorways, breathtaking stucco and patios that display Moorish influences. The Mahkama du Pacha rivals some of the finest architectural landmarks in the country. Reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada, the fully operational parliamentary building provides abundant backdrops for incredible photos. It’s surrounded by tall buildings, and the entrance is easy to miss, so make sure you ask our Concierge to set up a guided visit.” — Mehdi Haider, Assistant Guest Relations Manager

“The Villa des Arts is housed in an art deco villa built in 1934. The gallery hosts regular exhibits of contemporary Moroccan and international art. My favorites are the local artists’ galleries – photography, sculptures, paintings. Discover the Villa des Arts through an architectural tour of the city’s art deco heritage, organized by our Concierge.” — Jihane Ayed, Director of Public Relations and Communications

“Casablanca is one of the region’s top surfing destinations, and locals love to catch waves early in the morning before heading to work. Our Hotel is actually in front of one of the most popular surf spots where the Quicksilver Pro competition takes place every year. For surf lessons, I recommend Casablanca Surf School, the oldest in the area and only a five-minute drive from our Hotel.” — Mohamed Bahyaoui, Spa Fitness Trainer

“My favorite place to satisfy my sweet cravings is Pâtisserie Bennis. This family-run shop has been around for three generations and is tucked away in one of the small alleyways of the Habous Medina. I love to try their different almond pastries, especially their signature cornes de gazelle – a crescent-shaped cookie filled with almond paste. You’ll always catch the father (or son) welcoming guests and sharing stories about his grandmother’s original recipes. I recommend going in the morning when the first fresh batch is out.” — Brian Gartner, Pastry Chef

The Four Seasons Philosophy

Many years ago, Four Seasons set out to create a corporate mission statement that would guide the actions of everyone in the organization. These goals, beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work done every day on behalf of every guests.

Who we are
“We have chosen to specialize within the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognized as the company that manages the finest hotels, resorts and residence clubs wherever we locate. We create properties of enduring value using superior design and finishes, and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of personal service. Doing so allows Four Seasons to satisfy the needs and tastes of our discerning customers, and to maintain our position as the world’s premier luxury hospitality company.”

What we believe
“Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do. Because satisfying our guests depends on the united efforts of many, we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance.”

How we succeed
“We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do, and when we couple this conviction with sound financial planning. We expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure the prosperity of the company and to offer long-term benefits to our hotel owners, our customers and our employees.”

How we behave
“We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and by the example we set for one another. In all our interactions with our guests, customers, business associates and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.”

Commitment to an Ethical Culture
“Four Seasons is committed to conducting business in a manner that complies with applicable laws and is – and is perceived to be – consistent with the highest ethical standards, including standards intended to prevent bribery and corruption. Four Seasons is committed to understanding the risks that may compromise these standards and using all reasonable efforts to ensure that those who provide services to and for Four Seasons – including employees, contractors and agents – are aware of and share our commitment to an ethical and anti-bribery culture.”

People and the Planet
“Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is committed to building upon our Company’s strong history of supporting our communities and the environment. Through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program, we seek to preserve and regenerate the beautiful places in which we operate, and leave a positive, enduring impact on our communities.”

“Our program is centered around two pillars: Planet (environmental impact) and People (social impact). Each pillar is supported by specific activities and objectives, with a close eye to how our efforts will contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Anfa Place Living Resort Boulevard de la Corniche, Aïn Diab 20050 Casablanca, Morocco

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