Ueno Profit: Providing easier solutions for companies to start businesses in Brazil

For foreign companies, starting a business in Brazil can prove to be quite challenging due to labor laws, tax policies and unstable market conditions.

International groups, specifically Japanese companies that make up 80 percent of their clientele, can trust in Ueno Profit to provide their expertise in the fields of business law, international law, accounting, tax and labor law, and business management on how to apply these laws in the country.

“The laws and processes for new companies in Brazil can be rigid and complicated, which is why Ueno Profit is here to help these companies work through these processes smoothly to ensure the success of their business,” said Mami Ueno, CEO of Ueno Profit.

The government is currently in full force to simplify bureaucratic procedures of these policies such as the Economic Freedom Law and the newly signed provisory law (medida Provisoria/MP), which aims to enhance entrepreneurship in the region.

Ueno Profit participates with the country in transforming these laws and policies by proposing ways to improve them. “These changes are for the benefit of society and provide opportunities for new companies to contribute to the growth of Brazil’s economy,” Ueno stated.

Currently operating in São Paulo, Indaiatuba and Porto Alegre, Ueno Profit continues to look for more ways to improve. As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary this 2020, they are implementing the integrated management of interdisciplinary consulting with technological innovation anticipating future trends.

“We are excited to offer the new Ueno Profit as Brazil develops to be a better business environment and a positive outlook for Japanese investments,” Ueno concluded.


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