Canon Medical Systems do Brasil commits to providing health care equipment made for life

Promoting good health care in Brazil is a gargantuan task, but with companies such as Canon Medical Systems do Brasil, the road to a better medical system is within arm’s reach.

With over four decades of experience, the company has been providing state-of-the- art medical systems and the latest technology to hospitals across the country.

Over the years, the Japanese- owned company has focused on its vision to enhance the quality of the medical equipment they produce.

In 2018 and 2019, Canon Medical Systems do Brasil achieved its goal and made history as the first company that started to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technology to its medical imaging equipment.

“Our AI technology focuses on providing doctors (with) the best medical imaging quality possible while also putting patients’ needs as the center of our efforts,” said Flávio Martins, president and CEO of Canon Medical Systems do Brasil.

Aside from developing the technology of their medical equipment, the company is also forging partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as the Dharma Institute, whose main mission is to take medical care to needy and remote communities that do not have access to medical facilities.

“The Dharma Institute’s initiatives have a strong relation with our corporate philosophy ‘Made for Life’ and this is one of the reasons why we chose to donate portable ultrasound equipment to support their cause,” shared Martins. “This will help doctors offer better care for their patients in the long run.”

As Canon Medical Systems do Brasil improves hospital management and operational efficiency through its wide array of technologically advanced medical imaging equipment, its aim to satisfy its customers remains present.

Through an NPS survey, the company was able to measure the level of its customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

“Canon Medical Systems do Brasil is committed to giving patients the best possible treatment. We want our customers to trust in our capability to provide them with world-class medical equipment and at the same time showcase a variety of original innovations that can help enrich life for everyone,” concluded Martins.

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