The Orient Jakarta: a boutique five-star hotel inspired by the ancient Orient

“A beacon of luxury, sophistication and warmth in the heart of Jakarta”

The Orient Jakarta, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, is designed by world-renowned architect and interior designer Bill Bensley.

The five-star hotel elevates every stay to a new level of luxury, wellness and comfort.

The Orient Jakarta’s Hotel Manager, Sebastian Godino is passionate about the Indonesia’s tourism industry, the country’s dynamic capital and the exceptional experiences offered by The Orient Jakarta.

Bridges: What steps are being taken to develop Jakarta as a regional tourism destination?

Godino: Jakarta, the vibrant capital city of Indonesia, is continuously taking steps to develop itself as a premier regional tourism destination.

The city is focusing on improving its infrastructure, including transportation networks and accommodations, to make it more accessible and welcoming to tourists from all over the world.

Jakarta is also investing in promoting its rich cultural heritage, diverse culinary scene, and unique sights to attract visitors seeking authentic experiences.

Moreover, a young and talented community of classic-trained professionals is pushing the boundaries of Indonesian cuisine, creating an exciting plethora of restaurants and bars already knocking the doors of international stardom and recognition.

Through these initiatives and more, Jakarta is on its way to becoming a top destination for travelers looking for a dynamic and unforgettable experience in Southeast Asia.

Sebastian Godino, The Orient Jakarta’s Hotel Manager

Jakarta is a ‘must-stop city’ in Indonesia. What does the capital offer visitors?

Jakarta offers visitors a wealth of cultural experiences, historical landmarks, and bustling city life.

From exploring the majestic National Monument to wandering through colorful markets like Pasar Baru, Jakarta has something for everyone.

Visitors should make sure they don’t miss out on trying the delicious local cuisine, shopping for traditional batik textiles or taking a stroll in one of the many lush parks.

With its rich history, diverse architecture and warm hospitality, Jakarta truly is a must-visit destination for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Indonesian culture.

What is your vision for The Orient Jakarta in 2024/2025?

We aim to be a beacon of luxury, sophistication, and warmth in the heart of Jakarta. We envision our hotel as a place where every guest feels welcomed, valued and pampered from the moment they arrive.

Our vision for The Orient Hotel Jakarta is to create a truly exceptional and unforgettable experience for our guests.

Our goal is to exceed expectations in every aspect of the stay, from the impeccable service to the exquisite amenities and culinary delights. We strive to be a destination that not only provides a comfortable retreat but also inspires and enriches the lives of all who walk through our doors.

Our vision is to set new standards of excellence in hospitality and become a cherished landmark in Jakarta that guests will fondly remember for years to come.

The Orient Jakarta – where the past and craftsmanship are captured unexpectedly

The Orient Jakarta is a space where culture clashes, the community begins and memories are made. The cabinet of curiosity designed by the maximalist Bill Bensley brings together the past and craftsmanship, where both are captured unexpectedly.

Travel into a nostalgic journey inspired by an ancient era from The East.

One of the main features of The Orient Jakarta is the narrative of its décor. Inspired by the ancient Orient, it invites guests to discover and experience the local culture with materials, traditional handicrafts, and antiques of high cultural significance.

The hotel’s 153 rooms feature panoramic views of the city and are fully equipped. Designed with high-quality materials and finishes, they are all decorated differently, making them unique.

Among its decorative singularities, the bed headboards are handmade with traditional Batik fabrics and the doors are painted by local artisans.

Delighting food lovers

The Orient Jakarta offers two restaurants: Furusato Izakaya, focusing on Japanese cuisine and the Caspar restaurant a Spanish gastronomy with two indoor restaurant areas and a large outdoor terrace with a garden.

The hotel also has a whisky bar and two other bar areas (coffee and cocktails), as well as two private rooms. It also has a Lounge-Snack Bar and a Pool Bar on the fifth floor.

Cafe Cali: the ‘Urban Beach Club’

A third restaurant is Cafe Cali. The rooftop bar features a restaurant, two bars and a lounge area. It also has a swimming pool, hot tub, chill-out cabanas, a shop and a dance area.

Exclusive services and facilities in the heart of Central Jakarta

At The Orient Jakarta, history and craftsmanship unite in an unexpected way. Distinctiveness and quirkiness are a matter of pride and the hotel is a place where guests can enjoy exclusive services and facilities in the heart of Central Jakarta.

The Orient Jakarta, A Royal Hideaway Hotel
Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. 36, 10210 Jakarta Indonesia

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