The International Chamber of Commerce – Hong Kong (ICC-HK)

“To do business globally there is a need for a common language and the International Chamber of Commerce provides exactly this,” says JP Lee, chairman of ICC Hong Kong. What started as a three-person committee in Hong Kong decades ago, ICC HK today includes thousands of corporate and individual members.  It seeks to share Hong Kong’s experience with business elsewhere, and participates in ICC endeavours in promoting interflow of business around the world.

The mission of ICC HK is directed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to promote open international trade and investment. Its primary focuses are policy advocacy, rule setting and dispute resolution, facilitating businesses to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by our modern-day globalized economy.   In this regard, ICC actively networks with a number of international governmental institutions and groups to put forward the views of world business.  It has observers status at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

“ICC Hong Kong advocates for business and offers advice on public policies in different areas such as banking and financial services, arbitration, trade and investment.”, says Lee. “Mindful of social responsibility we run a volunteer service programme including encouraging professionals and senior business executives to offer ‘pro-bono’ services through the professional volunteer service accreditation programme of the Hong Kong Council of Volunteering of which ICC HK is a member.”

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