Building on a trusted reputation across Asia

Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Lippo Limited is strengthening its Asian footprint. With subsidiaries and joint ventures involved in areas such as property, healthcare, food, mineral exploration and finance, Lippo Limited is well positioned to seize cross-industry investment opportunities. Dr. Stephen Riady, Lippo Limited Chairman and son of Lippo Group founder, Mochtar Riady, sees cross-border investment opportunities on the rise in Asia.

“ASEAN has a population of over 600 million and is the third largest market in Asia, after China and India, and the seventh-largest in the world”, explains Dr. Riady. “The region is home to a burgeoning middle class with the consumer market projected to double by 2025 according to management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. ASEAN has become more business friendly and is expected to benefit from increased investment flows arising from China’s ‘One Belt-One Road’ policy, demand for infrastructure projects and access to capital for small and medium size enterprises”.

Key to Lippo Limited’s regional growth strategy are the high-potential emerging markets in the region.

“In the next three to five years, driven by the rising affluence of the middle class and lack of hospital capacity,

we will target the healthcare sector in these markets in addition to the food, retail, infrastructure, e-commerce and telecommunications industries”, says Dr. Riady.

With the world’s economic centre shifting from the Atlantic basin to the Pacific Basin, Lippo Group is focused on this wave of economic development.

“We actively look for areas in which we can improve people’s lives while seizing the opportunities presented by the digital economy in areas such as ‘Fintech’ (financial technology) and digital payment solutions”, says Dr. Riady.

“We continue to identify long-term, value-creation opportunities, where we can bring to bear our proven track record and development expertise across the key sectors in which we work. In more mature markets such as Singapore, we are focused on prime development projects and look at ways to leverage new technologies to scale our businesses”.

With Singapore and Hong Kong’s respective roles as international financial centres, Dr. Riady is positive about the future business and trade ties between the two.

“The current economic relationship between Hong Kong and Singapore is ‘win-win’ as both cities serve as gateways to hinterlands – ASEAN for Singapore and Mainland China for Hong Kong”, says Dr. Riady.

“Hong Kong remains the world’s largest offshore yuan clearing centre and the preferred fundraising destination for Chinese companies.

Singapore, on the other hand, remains a key entry point for trade and investment into ASEAN and a base from which companies expand into the region. The opportunities are ripe for Hong Kong and Singapore to explore further collaboration in financial services, and to forge closer links.

The current economic relationship between Hong Kong and Singapore is ‘win-win’ as both cities serve as gateways to hinterlands – ASEAN for Singapore and Mainland China for Hong Kong

Dr. Stephen Riady, Chairman

Areas of interest include the debt and equity markets, ‘Fintech’ innovations and the continued internationalisation of Mainland Chinese companies as they seek access to capital markets”.

Recognising that the value of a company is dependent on the strength of its brand, Dr. Riady has a clear vision for Lippo’s future.

“The Lippo brand represents quality, high standard, reliability and consistency. These attributes are required to build trust”, says Dr. Riady. “We are constantly working to ensure that our brand values are upheld and our staff understand and deliver the high standards we expect of them. Our business is founded on the confidence of our customers, investors, governments and the communities in which we work. We intend to build on our reputation as we grow the business”.

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