Celebrating 60 years of growth, success and public service

Established in 1957 as a modest seafood processing company, Sunwah Group has today become one of Hong Kong’s largest and most successful conglomerates.

Sunwah Group Chairman and the founder’s son, Dr. Jonathan Choi koon-shum, assumed control of the Hong Kong based Sunwah Group in 1976 and expanded the Group’s food, wholesale and distribution businesses in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and North America.

Under Dr. Choi’s leadership, Sunwah has expanded and diversified into seven principal areas: seafood and food, real estate, financial services, technology, infrastructure, media and education.

The success of Sunwah mirrors Hong Kong’s economic accomplishments over the past twenty years. As Hong Kong further developed its role as a regional financial center and global business hub since 1997, Sunwah also established itself as a leader across multiple industries – not only in the region but across the world. Today, the company’s business activities extend from mainland China and Asia to Canada, Europe, the United States and Australia.

Despite stiff competition, Sunwah has been able to achieve success through strong financial foundations and extensive connections throughout the region. The Group’s strong public ties across China’s central, provincial and local government levels and private sector partnerships have enabled Sunwah to position itself as a sought-after partner across the region.

“Previously, as China increased its manufacturing capabilities, investment flowed into the Chinese economy,” said Dr. Choi. “Today, Hong Kong is well positioned to facilitate two-way trade and investment between China and the rest of the world”.

With Sunwah Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, the Sunwah Foundation and the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation support communities in a number of countries through education, culture, and international development initiatives.

Dr Choi said with its solid foundation, Sunwah has been able to withstand market uncertainties and continue to grow due to its prudent business strategy and ability to develop new business.

He said: “The past 60 years also marked the efforts of three generations, from my father’s generation of foundation-laying to my generation of development and to my son’s generation of innovation. Our mission is to establish a corporation with over 100 years of success.

“In fact, Sunwah has participated in and made our contribution to the ‘opening up, bringing in and going out policy’ of mainland China. We will continue to make full use of our competitive advantages to expand our business in various countries around the world under the Asian regional development and the Belt and Road Initiatives. In my capacity as a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council and B20, I will strive to promote globalization and multilateral and plurilateral free trade agreements. ’’


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