Strategic partners Japan and Brazil celebrate milestone

This year marks a milestone year for the relationship between Japan and Brazil with 125 years of diplomatic relations and 30 years of the Brazilian community in Japan.

“Along with these milestones celebrations we have the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which will be promoted through an exchange of ideas and lessons learned from the last Olympic Games held in Rio with the theme ‘From Rio to Tokyo,’” explained Ambassador of Japan to Brazil, Akira Yamada.

“On the other hand, in Brazil, with the Bolsonaro administration and the new parliament, it can be said that Brazil has entered a period of positive change and transformation with economic policies that are free-trade oriented and increasing the competitiveness of the local industry.”

Brazil boasts the largest population of Japanese living outside Japan, while Japan contains the third-largest community of Brazilians living outside Brazil. “Even if we live on the other side of the planet, our human ties are very strong,” added Ambassador Yamada.

The Embassy of Japan in Brazil collaborates with various organizations such as the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and The Japan Foundation in São Paulo to sustain positive relations between the two countries.

“One of our main goals is to support the protection of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and combat illegal deforestation. This year, we intend to begin phase two of the project that utilizes satellite images using artificial intelligence to predict where illegal deforestation may happen next,” said Hiroshi Sato, chief representative of JICA Brazil.

“We are supporting the mission of improving the business environment in the country, and also promoting open innovations between Japanese companies and Brazilian startup companies through different events such as panel discussions,” added Atsushi Okubo, Director President of JETRO São Paulo.

The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is also able to support open innovation by providing financing to potential companies that contribute to the improvement of Brazil and promote sustainability.

“Brazil is very welcoming of Japanese companies and investors because they support the Brazilian economy and society,” expressed Shinichi Sanui, president and CEO of Banco Mizuho do Brasil.

“On top of promoting the cultural exchange between Japan and Brazil, we aim to promote the exchange of opinions that contribute to the development of society. One of our current projects collaborates with farmers the different ways to utilize bamboo,” said Masaru Susaki, director general of the Japan Foundation in São Paulo.

Consul General of Rio de Janeiro, Tetsuya Otsuru said, “With the progress of economic recovery in Brazil, the interest of Japanese companies are increasing in Brazil through various investments and re-investments.”

“We are opening a new plant in Brazil toward the end of 2020 that will produce ingredients that global cosmetic companies can use to produce their products. This will be the largest plant outside Japan,” said Tatsuya Sasaki, president of Ajinomoto do Brasil Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda.

“In 2019, we launched R-32, a model from our newest line. We are excited to present a whole line of nextgeneration coolant in 2020 that provides low environmental impact and higher efficiency,” added Tomoji Miki of McQuay Ar Condicionado Brasil Ltda.

“Japan and Brazil have (enjoyed) long-standing friendly cooperation and are important partners who share fundamental values and principles. At present, the relationship between Brazil and Japan is excellent, but I am convinced that the best time for bilateral relations is soon to come,” concluded Ambassador Yamada.

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