Planting the Seeds of a Greener Hong Kong

With the Hong Kong government taking positive action to improve the Special Administrative Region’s pollution levels and air quality, the private sector is stepping up to provide ‘Green-solutions’ to Hong Kong’s urban and environmental challenges.

Established six years ago, Innogreen Environmental has become an industry leader in the design and building of vertical green-walls and green-roofs.

Active on various government advisory boards, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainable Development Sub-Committee Chairman and a World Wildlife Trust trustee, Innogreen Environmental’ s Director, Alfred Lee recognises the importance of taking steps to improve city life.

“Hong Kong and other international cities are often referred to as ‘Concrete-forests’”, says Lee. “We want to play a role in transforming Hong Kong into a ‘Garden-city’ not unlike Singapore by delivering environmentally friendly interior and exterior green-wall and green-roof solutions to both the public and private sectors”.

Innogreen Environmental has already installed the tallest green-wall in Hong Kong at the Open University of Hong Kong. The living green-wall stands over ten stories high and following installation, a bird’s nest was even found in the wall.

“Developers want something new”, says Lee. “We offer automatic watering and maintenance solutions with our products and we are developing new solar panel sensors to enable watering of the plants to be done more effectively and efficiently”.

As an innovation-driven company, Innogreen Environmental works closely with government bodies, clients and university research departments to drive developments.

“With the Hong Kong Productivity Council, we have developed plastic plants which are coated with an advanced film designed to absorb VOC (volatile organic compounds) which assist in reducing pollution”, says Lee.

“As we develop our offerings and grow our business, we see opportunities across the Asian marketplace for our green-solutions and we want to branch out and bring new ideas to the market which will protect the environment for future generations”.

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