McDermott and Bull: Empowering change

As a global boutique executive search firm, McDermott and Bull prides itself on understanding client goals and making the best possible match for candidate, company and culture.

“We don’t just present CVs, we deliver game changers,” said Norbert Meijer, the company’s managing partner and head of Japan desk.

“We value our client and candidate relationships and apply professional tools and modern techniques to localize, qualify and present our clients with executive talent.”

McDermott and Bull offers the techniques, processes and tools utilized by larger firms combined with a more dynamic, personalized and collaborative service model.

“We are in a unique position to better understand our clients’ needs, provide candidates with the best possible experience and establish the perfect fit between candidate and organization,” Meijer said.

“In positive, but also negative, ways, the pandemic has changed almost everything. While employees used to work in the office full time, the hybrid model is now becoming more common with employees working from home more often. Heavily impacted industries such as automotive and aviation have experienced a decrease in demand while the acceleration of the digitalization of our economy has led to an increase in online business models.”

“Today leadership teams are asking: ‘Do we have the right people on board to manage change? What kind of leadership skills will we need in the future? Do we need to address different markets to compensate for the losses we have suffered, and do we have the right talent in our organization to make that happen?’”

The Japan connection

McDermott and Bull has a strong track record of working with Japanese companies. Meijer spent 17 years with a large Japanese corporation and held various international senior management positions.

“We are well connected to companies providing services geared toward Japanese clients and we are proud to have a large number of long-time Japanese clients,” Meijer said.

“We are an active member of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and DUJAT and have published articles, addressed seminars and participated in trade missions to Japan,” he said, referring to the Dutch and Japanese Trade Federation.

The culture fit

Finding the right fit is important for McDermott and Bull. Selecting candidates raises three questions: Does the candidate have the right experience and education? Can expectations in terms of compensation be aligned? Will the candidate “fit” into the organization?

With almost 30 years of experience working with Japanese companies, we understand the differences and this knowledge guides us when selecting and qualifying candidates.

Norbert Meijer, Managing Partner and Head of Japan desk at McDermott + Bull

Business culture in Japanese companies is very different from European or North American firms and this culture fit is critical when working with Japanese firms.

Meijer concluded, “With almost 30 years of experience working with Japanese companies, we understand the differences and this knowledge guides us when selecting and qualifying candidates.”

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