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Mexico’s automotive sector accounts for 17.6 percent of its manufacturing industry, which is why Mazda’s operations in the country has been a huge success over the years.

Being the second-largest automobile manufacturing nation in the West, after the United States, the car industry in Mexico has ultimately propelled Mazda Mexico as the seventh-largest subsidiary of the Japanese multinational automaker and the company with the seventh-largest market share in the region.

With around 6,000 employees, 85 percent of Mazda Mexico’s productions are allotted for exports, while 15 percent goes to the domestic market.

Mazda Mexico’s business continues to grow as the company saw an increase of 110,000 in its factory unit production, from 140,000 in 2014 due to its improved business efficiency and the increase in its range of manufactured products. Currently, Mazda Mexico’s top-selling car model is the Mazda 3 sedan.

Along with the growth of its manufacturing sector, Mazda Mexico points out that its success is mainly due to the constant support of its clients.

“Positioning our customers as the cornerstone of our business model and catering to their every need, they have become our brand ambassadors,” said Miguel Barbeyto, president of Mazda Mexico.

“They are in the habit of regularly recommending our brand to colleagues and friends due to their level of satisfaction. We even have entire families coming into dealerships to purchase a range of suitable vehicles for each member, which fills my heart with pride.”

According to Barbeyto, who has been with Mazda for 14 years, its long-term solutions, world-class products and excellent customer service are sufficient to sustain the growth of the company.

“We trust that our management concepts and outstanding customer service, which are yielding positive results, will continue to benefit our business.”

“We are proud to have won the JD Power Customer Service Index award for the second year in a row in 2019, as well as the Vehicle Dependability Study this year. As of the moment, we have retained 86 percent of our customers due to our exceptional service in a five-year period and 42 percent in terms of brand loyalty for life.”

Mazda Mexico is committed to further excel in the country’s automotive industry by taking care of its customers and coming up with new ways to give them world-class products.

“Mazda has globally been rebranding itself as a superior and exclusive brand by fascinating our customers and celebrating driving experience with consistency and transparency. Our continuous endeavor is to grow, improve and explore new possibilities,” Barbeyto concluded.


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