Celebrating the 125th anniversary of Japanese migration to Mexico

Ambassadors share insights on this important milestone

Our relations are better than ever. In 410 years of friendship and in almost 135 years of diplomatic ties, our relationship with Japan has continued to flow and flourish, without a single misstep.

I am proud that Mexico and Japan have remained friends for so long. I’m sure that we will become closer and closer over time regardless of how far we think we are.

Melba Pria, Ambassador of Mexico to Japan

I deeply respect, appreciate and admire the Japanese immigrants who came to Mexico and other parts of Latin America 125 years ago. Because of them and those that followed, the Japanese are considered to be very hardworking, honest and faithful people.

The 125th anniversary of the first Japanese migration to Mexico is a very positive milestone that I am happy to celebrate and I find the future of the relations between Mexico and Japan very encouraging.

Noriteru Fukushima, Ambassador of Japan to Mexico

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