Building a regional reputation on firm Hong Kong foundations

Established by the late Lim Por-yen, in 1947 as a garment manufacturer, Lai Sun Group (LSG) has become one of Hong Kong’s largest and most successful conglomerates. Today, the Group’s businesses range from property development and investments to media and entertainment and it remains a key player within the burgeoning Hong Kong economy.

Chaired by Dr. Peter Lam alongside deputy chairman Chew Fook Aun, LSG has established a strong focus on property development in Hong Kong, mainland China and internationally. With eleven projects currently in progress (five in Hong Kong and six in mainland China), LSG intends to continue following its regional growth strategy.

“Real estate is a long-term game that requires time, patience and capital” says Chew.

“It can take two or three years to successfully complete a project and we currently have over twenty billion Hong Kong dollars invested in LSG projects across the region”.

As completed projects continue to bring financial returns, LSG is continuously reinvesting in new developments. With opportunities across numerous key markets, LSG is not only doing business in Hong Kong but across the globe, a strategy which ensures the Group is not confined by Hong Kong’s already densely populated 2,754 km².

“Our property pipeline is stronger than ever”, says Chew. “The biggest challenge we face in Hong Kong is the lack of available land as developments have already shaped the Hong Kong we see today”.

Since the transfer of Hong Kong’s sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China in 1997, Hong Kong property prices have soared.

Global interest in Hong Kong’s stock market has enabled Hong Kong to become an important international financial center and the territory remains a strong wealth management center.

With China, the world’s largest economy (by nominal GDP), in Hong Kong’s ‘back-yard’ Hong Kong today rivals international finance centers such as New York and London.

“We have become a much more successful and proactive player in recent years” concludes Chew. “We are proud of our achievements and look forward to accomplishing the milestones which we have set for the Group in Hong Kong and the region”.

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