Wikilook sees limitless possibilities

Close to the vibrant hearts of Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan, Wikilook, the dynamic start-up established by entrepreneur Ivo Bartecek, has gained recognition within the thriving Czech-Japanese business community.

Manager Tomas Cink leads the Dynamics 365/ERP (enterprise resource planning) consulting, while crypto enthusiast Eric Bennett pioneers information technology outsourcing, like website, application and blockchain development to the Czech Republic.

“Expanding our ecosystem further is Tyracorn, a game engine and online shop developed by Radek Hecl,” shared Bartecek. “There are no limits to what we can do next!”

Since 2016, Wikilook has showcased luxury brands like Preciosa at the Czech Festival. They recently cooperated on opening Pilny Pijak (Diligent Drinker), the newest Czech restaurant and pub in Tokyo.

Wikilook exhibits at events like RISE Hong Kong, Singapore FinTech Festival and Tech In Asia Tokyo and its team has open doors to key regions in Asia. The company’s unique position outsourcing between Czech Republic and Japan with subsidiaries in Prague, Czech Republic, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Riga, Estonia and Delhi, India allows it to bridge Asia and the European Union.

Great visions are those that can change the whole world, so in Wikilook we only do things that are revolutionary now or in future.

Ivo Bartecek, Founder and CEO of Wikilook

“Similar to well-known serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, we believe in having more than just one vision and in gathering only genius level members,” explained Bartecek. “Life is too short to only act on a few good ideas, so for us at Wikilook, we think the more the better.”

After just a few years in Japan, Wikilook has had multiple successes. The company has grown from a one-man-show to an international team hailed as one of the best Czech newcomers in Japan.

The founder, Ivo Bartecek, is a member of Czech Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Czechoslovak Foreign Institute. He considers Wikilook his greatest production so far.

“Great visions are those that can change the whole world, so in Wikilook we only do things that are revolutionary now or in future,” noted Bartecek.

“Our next goal is to introduce our first international crypto and blockchain related product to the market in 2023!”

Tyracorn Game Engine:

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