Vision specialist Menicon celebrates 70 years

A leading manufacturer of innovative contact lenses and related products, Menicon is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

Founded by Kyoichi Tanaka, Menicon is Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer. A leading importer and exporter of soft and gas-permeable contact lenses and medical instruments, the company is also active in research and development of intraocular lenses.

Represented in over 80 countries, Menicon SAS in France is the oldest subsidiary/branch outside of Japan and the French market remains key to the company’s success in Europe.

Atsushi Yamashita, the first Japanese president of Menicon to reside in France, understands the needs of European partners and customers and is strengthening the Menicon team in France and expanding the sales network.

“Menicon has a long history in France and as a professional company, we are focused on supply-chain delivery, quality and price,” Yamashita said.

“France is a unique market in that only ophthalmologists can prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses and we are committed to meeting the expectations of our French partners and customers.”

The company is strengthening its operations for disposable lenses while continuing its business for rigid gas-permeable lenses, which make up the bulk of Menicon’s business in France.

Customers tend to stay with Menicon as the company delivers lenses direct to customers upon request, a service that proved to be important during the pandemic.

We look forward to strengthening the company in France. Our plan for Menicon in the French market is to increase our sales across the board and strengthen our commitment to France.

Atsushi Yamashita, President of Menicon SAS

With a European distribution center in Offenbach, Germany, the company is investing in automation and improved inventory management to contribute to the company’s success.

Menicon is also taking a holistic approach toward the prevention of child-myopia progression with a range of contact lenses and fitting software linked to an application.

In addition to the sense of sight, Menicon sees opportunities in the areas of touch, smell, taste and hearing. With the company’s Vision 2030 strategy and ”Miru” (Feel) initiative, Menicon’s future is based on “having fun and pleasure through the five senses and being empathetic.”

“We look forward to strengthening the company in France,” Yamashita said. “Our plan for Menicon in the French market is to increase our sales across the board and strengthen our commitment to France.”

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