Toshiba de Mexico: At the forefront of change

Positioning itself as a key strategic partner of Mexico’s energy sector was a bold move for Japanese-owned multinational conglomerate, Toshiba.

By supplying the first hydraulic turbine generator to the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) in 1957, Toshiba de Mexico was able to make a name for itself in the region and across the globe.

Through this distinction, Toshiba earned the trust of other companies, including the governmental sector and several strategic partners both locally and internationally.

Currently, its Japanese headquarters remain confident that Toshiba de Mexico’s good reputation will yield positive results for its business in the years to come.

“We can see that the next few years will be very positive for our operations,” said Marcial Frigolet, president and CEO of Toshiba de Mexico.

“Japan knows Mexico has a privileged position in the world’s future and the company aims to position itself as the industry leader in the Mexican market.”

As a result of Toshiba’s exclusive science, it has also been awarded as the company with the world’s most efficient combined- cycle power plant.

With the Mexican energy reform opening up the market, the region’s energy sector will be seeing new contracts on building several energy plants to ensure the growing demand in this industry.

In the next two years, Toshiba de Mexico will be involved in new projects as a supplier of turbo generators, delivering more efficient and better components during this time.

Toshiba de Mexico is also targeting small and medium scale turbines as part of the country’s growing trend.

This, in turn, creates good opportunities for the company to supply new equipment and provide maintenance and service for existing old plants.

“Toshiba de Mexico has pivoted from selling consumer electronics to supplying apparatus for electric power in Mexico,” confirmed Akira Matsuzawa, vice president of Toshiba de Mexico.

As part of its long-term goals, digital transformation comes at the top of the company’s list as it opens the door to different projects in all its sectors, proving that Toshiba de Mexico is able to embrace new opportunities from markets that are in constant evolution.

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