Top Science and Technology university in Japan, Tokyo Tech nurtures global leaders for a better world

Quality education and research is a key element in nurturing individuals who can contribute to society. Tokyo Institute of Technology, or Tokyo Tech, is a perfect example of an institution that is capable of providing world-class education and research.

Building on Tokyo Tech’s strengths as a world-leading research institute for science and engineering, the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE) offers GSEP, the first undergraduate engineering degree program at Tokyo Tech conducted entirely in English for talented students from around the world. | © Tokyo Tech 

“We are committed to keeping our position as the top research university in science and technology in Japan while working towards becoming one of the top ten in the world,” said Kazuya Masu, President of Tokyo Tech.

While Tokyo Tech is known for its excellence in science and technology education, it is also dedicated to offering high level liberal arts education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. “Exposure to the broad range of human knowledge across the arts and science is essential in fostering leadership and innovation for a better society and world,” emphasized Masu.

“We are continuously seeking opportunities to grow as an international university and provide more, not just to our Japanese students, but also to our international students,” stated Masu.

As of 2019, about 1,700 students from overseas study at Tokyo Tech, which makes up around 17% of total students. Tokyo Tech launched the Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP) in 2016, its first international Bachelor of Engineering degree program taught exclusively in English.

“What is unique about GSEP is that students can enroll even if they have never studied Japanese before,” shared Masu.

Tokyo Tech is also committed to enhancing partnerships with ASEAN countries and universities, with the goal of jointly contributing to science and technology fields.

To foster connections with universities outside Japan, Tokyo Tech has established the TAIST (Thailand Advanced Institute of Technology) – Tokyo Tech joint education program, Tokyo Tech ANNEX in Bangkok, and the ASPIRE League in cooperation with other Asian universities including NTU (Nanyang Technological University), Singapore.

“The level of education and research among ASEAN countries has advanced greatly, and in order to keep advancing, we must continue to collaborate with each other,” said Masu.

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