Suzuki’s growing ‘Way of Life’ in the Czech Republic

Magyar Suzuki Corp. (MSC) - Suzuki Czech Republic is racing ahead in the Czech automotive market.

Since 1997 the company has delivered high-quality vehicles and first-class customer service. Today, Suzuki is one of the most popular automotive brands in the Czech Republic.

“In order to keep our strong position, our strategy has been to continuously deliver high-quality and affordable vehicles,” said Tomáš Teufl, managing director of Magyar Suzuki Corp. (MSC) – Suzuki Czech Republic.

The year 2018 proved to be a milestone for the company with annual sales hitting 4.530 units and its year-on-year sales increase reaching 19.6 percent.

“Our market share and sales volume have consistently increased since 2013,” said Teufl. “The successes we have achieved reflect our commitment to the growing automotive market in the Czech Republic.”

With the popular Vitara, S-Cross, Ignis and Swift models, earlier this year Suzuki was ranked second among Japanese brands in the Czech Republic in terms of registered volume.

“Suzuki’s expertise in 4×4 vehicles is proving to be a huge advantage for us in the Czech Republic — our customers really enjoy the off-road capabilities Suzuki vehicles offer,” said Teufl.

In the Czech market, demand for new vehicles with more advanced technologies is at an all-time high and Suzuki customers can expect more technologically advanced vehicles in the future.

“We will offer ‘mild-hybrid’ vehicles or ‘Smart Hybrid Vehicles by Suzuki’ (SHVS) next year,” said Teufl. “SHVS technology provides better acceleration capabilities and reduces emissions; all at a lower cost.”

“As the automotive market in the Czech Republic is relatively advanced, we will continue to offer our customers new technologies that improve performance, fuel efficiency, connectivity and safety. Suzuki is a ‘way of life’ here and we will continue to play an increasingly important role in driving the Czech Republic’s automotive industry forward.”

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