Strengthening the Japan-Taiwan relationship since 1970

A message from Chiu Hui-Li, Executive Director, Market Development Department, The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Taiwan: Japan’s fourth largest trading partnership

Taiwan is one of the friendliest countries towards Japan. Due to its geographical location, Taiwan has long been one of Japan’s cooperative partners in commerce, investment and industry. As Japan’s fourth largest trading partner, the bilateral trade volume in 2020 reached US$ 71.18 billion.

Japan: Investing in Taiwan

With cutting-edge technology, Taiwan is a reliable industrial partner for Japan.

Taiwan’s sophisticated manufacturing prowess encompasses personal computers, smartphones, switches and routers and semiconductors.

Taiwan is an indispensable player in information communication technology (ICT) and other supply chains within the Japan-Taiwan commercial, industrial and investment relationship.

“Taiwan is one of the friendliest countries toward Japan and due to its geographic location, Taiwan has long been one of Japan’s cooperative partners in commerce, investment and industry.”

In recent years, Taiwanese manufactures have been actively cooperating with Japan in the manufacture of semiconductors, electronics and within the automotive sector.

From 1952 to 2020, over 33,023 cases of Japanese foreign direct investments (FDI) reached Taiwan and amounted to US$ 48.7 billion.

Major sectors of Japan’s FDI into Taiwan are in the following sectors: wholesale, retail trade, construction, chemical manufacturing, electronic parts manufacturing and metal product manufacturing.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has made over US$ 9.22 billion direct investments in Japan.

Japan-Taiwan: Industrial supply chain cooperation in third countries

Taiwanese and Japanese manufactures share the need to develop third-country markets together.

TAITRA handles Japan-Taiwan industrial supply chain cooperation in third countries through trade promotion activities and industrial cooperation initiatives to coordinate a win-win strategy for Taiwanese and Japanese manufactures.

Our strong bilateral industrial cooperation varies from any Indo-pacific strategy and Sino-American trade war issues and is in line with the diversification supply chain policies of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Although Taiwan and Japan do not have formal diplomatic relations, our bilateral civic friendship, economic, trade and industry cooperation exists on a very strong foundation. Moving forward, Taiwan will remain one of the best global cooperative partners for Japan.

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