Sato New Zealand: The spirit of innovation

Tokyo-based SATO Holdings Corp. is a global leader in integrated automatic identification, data collection and end-to-end solutions.

In New Zealand, the company has grown through three strategic acquisitions.

Kerry Langley, managing director of SATO New Zealand and head of the Oceania region, led the most recent acquisition of Jenkins Labels Ltd. in 2015. Jenkins, a domestic market leader in food and beverage labeling solutions, complemented the company’s existing strengths in operational, courier and laboratory labeling, as well as its barcoding and radio-frequency identification traceability solutions.

“We continue to invest in the region, being the largest end-to-end labeling and traceability solutions provider in the country,” said Langley.

SATO works with many of New Zealand’s leading companies, and while printing billions of labels every year, reducing its environmental impact is a key factor in the company’s day-to-day operations. “We have a strong position in the logistics and manufacturing industries, and we are developing innovative solutions for our health care and retail clients,” said Langley.

The company will soon be launching Visual Warehouse ™, developed for logistics and inventory management clients incorporating 3D mapping, video and audio.

The wearable display device allows the user to work on inventories hands-free thus improving efficiency in receiving, inspecting and shipping products. More importantly, the solution gathers real-time data of warehouse movement, and uses this data to optimize picking and pathway organization. This can have a significant effect on labor costs.

As a company, we will continue to create innovative solutions for our clients that reduce cost and increase productivity.

Kerry Langley, Managing Director of SATO New Zealand and Head of the Oceania Region

“There are strong synergies found between Japan and New Zealand,” said Langley. “While both are developed economies, high labor costs are a challenge in both countries.”

“As a company, we will continue to create innovative solutions for our clients that reduce cost and increase productivity. This is how we help them to be competitive on the global stage. By leveraging SATO’s global network, we have been able to bring a number of new solutions to the region, and because of this unique ability, we see a bright future for SATO in Oceania.”

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