Royal Cliff Hotels: A vibrant destination eager to welcome Japanese travelers

With four upscale hotels catering to various lifestyles, from casual to ultimate luxury, Thailand’s topnotch Royal Cliff Hotels Group has been taking the 5-star hotel experience to the next level for over four decades.

This multi-awarded hotel group leverages its industry expertise to create a safe and splendid haven for its guests from Japan and all over the world. Focused on crafting a guest experience that is second to none, Royal Cliff Hotels go the extra mile to deliver satisfaction, whilst incorporating a vibrant cultural feel that is truly, authentically Thai. With a roster of ever-expanding premium amenities, exceptional facilities, and state-of-the-art technology, the hotel group is always at the ready to live up to its commitment to exceed the expectations of its guests.

Khun Vitanart Vathanakul, CEO of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group tells us more.

How would you characterize the hotel industry today and how it’s rebounded from the pandemic?

The hotel industry has been hit with multiple negative events. Starting with Covid-19 in 2020, the ongoing conflicts and the no-travel policy from different countries, it will take a number of years for the business to be comparable to before the pandemic.  However, there have been some positive signs as the business has slightly rebounded from 2021. We have to thank the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thailand government for providing subsidies to the hospitality industry.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the old ways of thinking about hotel strategies and dealing with guests.  Building strong health and safety measures plus technology upgrades are now a must.  As hoteliers have an uphill task to revive their businesses and it is extremely challenging to thrive under the current climate, hotels have to be more creative, provide outstanding service, adapt to new safety standards, and be knowledgeable in the digital marketing arena to stay competitive.

As for the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, the pandemic has accelerated our tech adoption.  This includes adapting QR code menus, providing solid in-room entertainment like popular streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus, utilizing mobile check-ins, offering hybrid meetings, and incorporating social media apps to connect with guests or answer their questions in LINE/ Facebook Messenger/Instagram, etc. plus many more.  The pandemic has highlighted the essential need for us to effectively adapt to constantly changing circumstances.  From venturing into food delivery that brought its restaurants’ award-winning cuisine to the doorsteps of Pattaya residents to enhancing our digital marketing strategies, Royal Cliff was highly successful in doing so. Website upgrades were done and more frequent communication with guests via e-newsletters and social media followed.  The marketing team also made sure that all hotels would always have a steady reassuring presence online. 

Tell us about Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s most recent milestones.

The Royal Cliff always takes the opportunity to invest in major renovations and upgrades.  One of our major achievements was the creation of our new spectacular infinity-edged pool, the Sky Aquarium! Overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, this incredible pool features a mini waterpark for children along with a redesigned spacious landscape for event spaces and guest recreation including outdoor massages, surf skating, and many more. Being the largest infinity pool in Thailand, it is the perfect place for grand-scale events, extravagant banquets, or intimate celebrations.

Other major upgrades that were done include the creation of our Princess Suite and Diamond Suite, (2 unique rooms that are one of each kind in the whole resort), the installation of our mega fast Wi-fi 6 system as well as new coffee machines in the suites, the creation of the Majestic Lounge exclusive for Royal Wing Suites & Spa’s guests, accomplishing new menus in our restaurants and the implementation of the Prevent and Protect Program. We are also proud to have successfully launched our all-new Royal Wing website.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH have successfully adapted to the new normal. PEACH has recently showcased its new normal preventive measures including modified event setups with social distancing practices, food contamination prevention protocols as well as the venue’s green way of implementing garbage disposal. The convention center’s air system was also thoroughly cleaned and upgraded with a filter for better air quality during the venue’s temporary closure. An air disinfection system with UV light was likewise installed to help control the carbon dioxide level in the venue.  We have created the “Protection-C Package” which incorporates specific preventive measures that allow planners, organizers and corporates to conduct events in a secure and well-protected environment and paves the way for seamless hybrid meetings. Our strong precautionary program has earned us the best hotel in Thailand for SHA Plus (safety health assessment award from Tourism Authority of Thailand).

For Japanese guests staying at the Royal Cliff, they will enjoy a plethora of activities and services within the resort including delicious international and Japanese menus, universal in-room entertainment with Japanese TV channels, an amazing sports club, an award-winning spa, availability of Japanese language collateral including newspapers and a well-trained team with cross-cultural abilities.

Khun Vitanart Vathanakul, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group

Tell us about your branding initiatives for the Japanese market and the importance of this market.

We are always delighted to welcome Japanese guests, whether they come for leisure or meetings. As the fourth highest number of expats living in Thailand after the Americans, Chinese and Australians, the Japanese market is very important to us. Most of our Japanese guests come to visit Pattaya for a number of reasons, especially for golf and recreation.  We are working on developing a Japanese website as well as creating sports events to attract the Japanese. As the number of Japanese travelers has been steadily increasing in Thailand, Royal Cliff has been developing services and facilities to cater to this market.

Business and leisure guests receive a wide selection of special benefits to ensure that they’re well-accommodated in every regard. For Japanese guests staying at the Royal Cliff, they will enjoy a plethora of activities and services within the resort including delicious international and Japanese menus, universal in-room entertainment with Japanese TV channels, an amazing sports club, an award-winning spa, availability of Japanese language collateral including newspapers and a well-trained team with cross-cultural abilities.  The resort also frequently improves and upgrades, adapting its facilities to ever-changing customer demands. A recent makeover in the rooms and suites has elevated the property to a new level of modern luxury.  Accelerated tech adoption with the implementation of its QR code menus, hybrid meeting, and touchless guest services provide a new level of convenience and safety for all.

Having won over 250 awards to date, Royal Cliff continues to provide a safe haven for Japanese guests who crave relaxing getaways with appropriate safety precautions in place.  We work with top Japanese travel agencies, popular Japanese influencers as well as offering attractive rates to Japanese corporations in the Eastern Seaboard region.  Offering special touches such as Japanese newspapers and media, Japanese guests are always assured of a delightful Royal Cliff experience.

How have your connections and affiliations with Japanese companies enabled your growth?

Working with a Japanese clientele along with travel agencies and tour operators, we have learned to up our service standards a notch to be able to meet their expectations.  Because of this, we put a lot of effort into combining our warm Thai hospitality with high quality amenities. Our team has adapted many essential work values as a result, including executing good coordination and consistency, long-term commitment, and keeping a good track record when it comes to delivering guest satisfaction.

What are your long-term views for the Group and the opportunities prevalent for growth?

We want to be more than just a holiday and events destination. We are also working towards being a top sports and wellness venue. We understand that people are shifting to a healthier lifestyle and are more focused on mindful travel.  We are introducing new services and offerings as well as partnering with quality establishments to provide our guests with an all-inclusive solution for their travel.   Some adjustments we have made to our operational strategies include more staff training to uphold high cleanliness and safety standards, stepping up digital communications to reassure, assist and connect in whatever situation and investing more in hybrid meeting technology.  We are also planning to launch our cutting-edge new website this year.  PEACH will continue to implement new normal preventive measures if needed.  In whatever circumstances, we aim to always offer guests with extraordinary experiences and unforgettable stays, especially in this post-pandemic world.

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