Keller Henson: Guiding Global Investors in Thai Real Estate

Thailand's real estate sector is experiencing a surge, attracting foreign investors seeking lucrative opportunities. Among the key players in this market is Keller Henson, a specialized agency established in 2016.

Focused on the new property market across Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Koh Phangan, and Chiang Mai, Keller Henson stands out for its commitment to providing end-to-end assistance to foreign buyers and investors.

The agency’s expertise lies in residential properties, offering a diverse range of new condominiums and villa projects throughout Thailand. Keller Henson sets itself apart by closely monitoring the market, maintaining a constantly updated stock of off-plan, under-construction, and recently completed properties. This ensures clients have access to the best offers, including pre-sales and VIP off-market opportunities.

A notable feature of Keller Henson’s approach is its hands-on assistance from the initial property search and due diligence to the final handover of keys and title deeds. This comprehensive service is particularly valuable for the agency’s main clientele—foreign non-residents. Keller Henson assists these clients in navigating the entire purchasing process from overseas, making the Thai real estate market accessible to a global audience.

Our company is more on a consulting frame than a pure selling agency. We help people make informed decisions and guide them through the entire process.

Bastien Wissmanns, Investment & New Properties Specialist at Keller Henson

Working collaboratively with developers, Keller Henson provides clients with a real and objective opinion, helping them make informed decisions. The agency’s dedication to transparency is reinforced by its independence—remaining unbiased and not exclusively tied to any developer.

Noteworthy is Keller Henson’s success in catering to Japanese buyers, showcasing adaptability to diverse needs and mindsets. As mentioned by Bastien Wissmanns, an Investment & New Properties Specialist at Keller Henson, “Our company is more on a consulting frame than a pure selling agency. We help people make informed decisions and guide them through the entire process.”

The agency’s commitment to professionalism is echoed on their website, where they emphasize their role as real estate and property investment specialists in Thailand and beyond. Keller Henson invites potential investors to browse over 1,000 property developments, offering insights into unit types and bedrooms.

In a dynamic economy like Thailand, with a robust tourism industry, investing in real estate becomes an attractive prospect. Keller Henson, with its strategic presence in key locations, emerges as a reliable partner, facilitating a seamless experience for those looking to capitalize on Thailand’s real estate potential. As Thailand continues to offer a safe and protected asset for high rental yields and capital gains, Keller Henson remains dedicated to providing personal assistance from A to Z, making real estate investment in Thailand an opportunity with peace of mind.

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