Plugwise: Switching on energy-reduction solutions from the Netherlands to Japan

Driven by the concept that the greenest energy is the energy that is not used, Dutch company Plugwise is delivering innovative energy-saving products and solutions to customers across the world.

Headquartered in Sassenheim in the province of South Holland, Plugwise is proud of its Dutch heritage. The company’s fully automated production facility is located in Eindhoven and today the family business has grown into a truly innovative company.

Taking on competitors such as Honeywell, Google Nest and Tado, Plugwise is driven to succeed in the international energy management business.

The company is partnering with small firms, international companies and private individuals to deliver an extensive range of energy management systems.

Plugwise solutions incorporate technologies dependent on outside temperature to control home and office temperatures. Home and office rooms, or “zones,” are heated more efficiently through the company’s temperature systems.

Plugwise solutions connect to boilers, heat pumps, district heating and other forms of water heating and cooling systems, both before and after regulation. 

Traditionally, a boiler is always on, with its temperature dependent on the outside temperature. Plugwise smart systems enable boilers to be switched off when not in use, thus saving energy and reducing costs.

Other Plugwise technologies utilize multiple external influences, such as temperature, wind and sun, and incorporate 48-hour weather forecasts to help further reduce customer energy requirements.

Plugwise systems can also cool zones if the connected boiler or heat pump is capable of cooling. Zones can be heated at specific times with innovative “dynamic preheating” solutions. Plugwise technology takes into account heating schedules and the impact of heating multiple zones in close proximity to one another.

By providing customers with accurate, up-to-date information on their energy consumption via the Plugwise smart meter reader, Plugwise customers are able to save up to 40% on energy costs.

The company sees huge potential in Asia and has been active in Japan and across key Asian markets since 2012.

“Today, Plugwise is partly Japanese-owned and we enjoy close ties with our Japanese customers and friends,” Plugwise CEO Reinder Sanders said.

Today, Plugwise is partly Japanese-owned and we enjoy close ties with our Japanese customers and friends.

Reinder Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, Plugwise

“We are driven to continually grow our business and support our customers in Japan and across Asia,” added Plugwise’s Asia-Pacific chief Remco Aberson.

With the company actively bridging the Netherlands and Japan, Plugwise is well positioned to help customers in Asia reduce their energy usage and costs.

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