Placing value on safety and society for 20 years

Driven to deliver high-value services and products to customers worldwide, Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. (KSE), a subsidiary of Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. has become an industrial force to be reckoned with.

Celebrating 20 years in the Czech Republic in September, KSE remains committed to providing solutions based on advanced technologies.

“Our goal is to provide the global automotive market with high-quality pyrotechnic products for automotive safety components such as airbags and seatbelts,” said Radim Spisar, senior manager for KSE’s administration division.

Shinji Ichikawa, KSE president, is proud of the company’s growth. “When we established our business in 1999, we employed 78 people. Today we have over one thousand employees and each member of our team is driven to achieve our shared vision.”

In line with KSE’s growth, profits also increased as the company began to achieve success. “In 2004 we reached just over 300 million Czech koruna in sales,” said Spisar. “After 15 years of dedicated hard work, we have increased this figure tenfold and today, on average, every car worldwide is equipped with at least two KSE products.”

KSE has its own research and development center focused on product testing and innovation.

“Our research and development center is the only facility of its kind outside Japan and our 35 certified engineers continuously develop new products for KSE and our group,” said Spisar.

The company’s most notable products include the Glass-to-Metal Sealed squib (GTMS), Plastic Squib (PLSQ), Micro-Gas Generator and the Lead-Wire Micro-Gas Generator (LWMGG), a business that KSE acquired in 2006.

Looking ahead, KSE continues to prioritize safety and quality while remaining committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“It is important for us to help society while we contribute to our group, invest in our people and continuously serve the needs of our customers worldwide,” said Ichikawa.

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