Nor-Shipping: At the centre of the oceans

Nor-Shipping is where the maritime and ocean industries meet every two years – a natural hub for key decision makers from across the world to connect, collaborate and do deals to unlock new business opportunity.

The Nor-Shipping history

Nor-Shipping has been since 1965 an activity-filled arena attracting key maritime industry players from across the world. The presence of leading heads from the entire maritime value chain and press, makes Nor-Shipping one of the world’s most recognized meeting places for strategic deal making and networking.

Many of the best business relationships begin outside traditional meeting rooms. Nor-Shipping provides an unbeatable arena for professional networking and socializing.

Video and photos: Nor-Shipping

The predecessor to Nor-Shipping was the trade fair “Deck and Engine Room”, which was organised for the first time in the early 1960s by Norwegian Industrial Fairs (now NOVA Spektrum) in cooperation with the magazine Skip.

The first two events were national and focused on Norwegian seafarers and their welfare. The potential for an international shipping exhibition in Norway was thought out and initiated by Norwegian shipowner and magazine publisher, Mr Per Selvig. He reached out to Edvard Mowinckel-Larsen, who was leading the Norwegian Industrial Fairs, and proposed a broader and more international focus for the next maritime exhibition.

With the support of Selvig’s Norwegian Shipping journal, the event was renamed to the first International Shipping Exhibition and was launched in Oslo during May 1965.

A downturn in the maritime industry in the late 1960s caused a delay in organising the next exhibition and it was pushed back to late May 1968. The Nor-Shipping name that is a very well know brand today, was first applied for the third international event that took place in 1971. Since then, Nor-Shipping has been organised every two years.

Nor-Shipping today one of the world’s leading arenas – not just for shipping, but across ocean industries. It is where key policy and decision makers from across the world join to connect, collaborate and to do business.

The 30th edition and 60th anniversary will take place from 2-6 June in 2025.

Sidsel Norvik, Director of Nor-Shipping speaks with Bridges

“The close collaboration between Norway & Japan drives innovation across the global maritime sector.

With more than 150 years of being a major player in shipping and shipbuilding, Norway controls the world’s fourth largest merchant fleet, with a total of 1,634 Norwegian registered ships in 2023. The maritime cluster in Norway is considered one of the most comprehensive in the world and the Norwegian Shipowners Association, which is backed by the government, represents a vocal voice at the IMO in a push towards zero emission shipping.

Norway and Japan have since signing an MOU back in 2011, continuously developed collaboration across many innovative paths, such as offshore wind, the arctic, LNG fuelled ships, ship recycling, energy efficiency, digitalisation and autonomy, electrification, use of hydrogen and ammonia for fuels and more.

Both Norway and Japan are committed to lead the energy transition and decarbonize the maritime industry and there is every reason to believe that the two countries will continue to innovate the industry in partnership and maintain leading positions towards an emission free shipping by 2050.

Both Norway and Japan are committed to lead the energy transition and decarbonize the maritime industry and there is every reason to believe that the two countries will continue to innovate the industry in partnership and maintain leading positions towards an emission free shipping by 2050.

Sidsel Norvik, Director of Nor-Shipping

Representing Nor-Shipping, we always appreciate the great partnership with the Japanese pavilions and leading Japanese industry players joining conferences and networking sessions. At Nor-Shipping 2022, where attendance from Asia in person was still tricky due to COVID, Japan turned around and designed a digital pavilion – a very creative move! It was, however, great to see the two Japanese pavilions back in full swing at Nor-Shipping 2023 and we look forward to enhance the partnership and drive the industry together going forward.”

The Home of Innovation

Nor-Shipping is where cutting edge Norwegian and international companies showcase the innovations that deliver competitive advantage for their customers – driving new efficiencies, improving processes and enhancing performance. This is the place where the maritime, tech, finance and wider business segments cross paths to learn from one another, forge partnerships, and access new economic value creation.

Nor-Shipping’s 21,000 square metre exhibition space is the beating heart of the week’s activity. This is where delegates and visitors can experience the products, services and companies that will help drive a new age of ocean industry development. It is a dynamic festival of talented people and innovative products – designed to help you deliver on your ocean industry ambitions.

#PartnerShip – The Ocean Leadership

The Ocean Leadership Conference celebrates successes, outlines challenges and helps steer a course for the development of the industry, as true global visionaries share their thoughts on some of today’s, and tomorrow’s, most pressing issues.

The 2023 Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference will provide 900 maritime leaders with the insights to guide their organisations towards a profitable and sustainable future.

The Conference will feature high profile world leaders, top experts and recognised industry players to share their insights and expertise on how the shipping industry can navigate the challenges ahead.

This is a one-of-a-kind conference and we encourage anyone that wants to attend to save the date, 6 June 2023.

Buy tickets here.

NOVA Spektrum, PB 75, Messeveien 8, NO-2001 Lillestrøm, Norway
+47 400 01 394

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