Mouthwatering Experiences at The Oak Door

Searching for great burgers and steaks, when in Tokyo? Look no further, The Oak Door is here! Well, it has been for more than 20 years, becoming a favorite neighborhood spot, known by many who travel to Tokyo often enough. The inviting steakhouse on the sixth floor of Grand Hyatt Tokyo is renowned for its premium-quality meats and an apropos atmosphere. The Oak Door’s mouthwatering menu, including that iconic burger of theirs, and exceptional service leave a lasting impression.

A burger experience like few others

The Oak Door Burger is one of the restaurant’s best-loved dishes, featuring a 100% beef patty, grilled to perfection, topped with barbecue aioli, bacon, cheddar cheese, and crispy onion, all resting between freshly baked homemade buns – this is the burger that sets the bar for every other burger out there.

Stepping into The Oak Door, guests are greeted by the faint scent of natural oak, evoking memories of pleasant autumn evenings by the fire. The restaurant’s elegant décor, soft spotlights, and nostalgic music work together to create an intimate ambiance that is perfect for engaging conversations over exceptional meals. Of course, the standout service makes for an even more pleasant dining experience.

If you follow your nose, you will find that the faint smell of oak emanates from the kitchens, where premium Japanese Wagyu, North American, and Canadian beef are expertly grilled over oak wood charcoal, then finished in a 900°C broiler oven.

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Something special on the grill

The grilling options at The Oak Door are extensive. Indulge in premium cuts such as Hokkaido F1 tomahawk, Hokkaido A5 tenderloin, Yamagata A5 tenderloin, Oita A4 sirloin, and Yamagata A4 sirloin. Additionally, don’t miss out on the Chef’s Selections, including Omaha Prime Porterhouse, Omaha Prime Bone-In Striploin, and Omaha Prime T-Bone.

If you fancy something a little different, explore The Oak Door’s selection of alternative main dishes including succulent Atlantic lobster served with herb butter and lemon, grilled market fish, Australian lamb chops, dry-aged Chiba pork chops, or smoked pork back ribs accompanied by pickled vegetables.

The Oak Door is a scene, complete with a stylish bar where guests can unwind with a glass of New World wine or a handcrafted cocktail from their impressive collection of spirits.

Tailor the flavors to your palate with a choice of sauces: green peppercorn, ponzu, barbecue, chimichurri, bearnaise, and horseradish cream. Complement your meal with an array of sides, including potato fries, whipped potato, grilled asparagus, creamy spinach, wild mushrooms, broccoli with pancetta dressing, dirty potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.

Friends and accompaniments, for better enjoyment

Let’s face it: burgers are better-enjoyed with friends; which is why The Oak Door Lunch Set comes highly recommended. It starts with a crisp Caesar Salad and a hearty soup. For the main course, if you aren’t opting for the beef burger, you also have a choice of the Shingen Chicken Breast, Grilled Market Fish, or the Prime Strip Loin with potato fries or a green salad. Then, wrap up your meal with a decadent sundae accompanied by coffee or tea.

The Oak Door is a scene, complete with a stylish bar where guests can unwind with a glass of New World wine or a handcrafted cocktail from their impressive collection of spirits. As the nights grow warmer, the outdoor terrace beckons, offering a delightful setting to enjoy the temperate weather. The restaurant’s extensive wine list includes vintages from South Africa and Napa Valley, perfectly complementing the elegant ambiance of the establishment.

Include The Oak Door in your list of must-dos in Tokyo and savor the surely sumptuous and uniquely unforgettable experience.

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