Mizuho Bank: Building the future with Turkey

As a leading international financial institution with one of the largest customer bases in Japan, Mizuho Bank Ltd. aims to become one of the top financial houses in the European, Middle Eastern and African regions, specifically in Turkey.

“Our goal is to become the primary ‘financial-bridge’ across the key regions where we are active,” said Akio Inoue, managing director and chief representative of Mizuho in Turkey.

The institution plays a key role in Turkey as it provides both commercial and financial services to companies in the region.

“By providing high-quality services, clear explanations and financial backing to our clients, we are well positioned to deliver the best possible support to domestic and regional customers,” Inoue said.

Mizuho (and its previous iterations) have supported Turkish clients since 1990. The institution began further improving its relationships with firms in Turkey in 2012 when it established a representative office in Istanbul.

As Japan and Turkey strengthened their bilateral economic ties, Mizuho fostered a strong relationship with both Japanese and non- Japanese companies in the country and across the region.

In recent years, Mizuho in Turkey has grown significantly thanks to its strong reputation within the financial market. The institution continues to play a major role in facilitating investments to Turkey, not only from the Japanese, but also from other worldwide investors.

Meanwhile, the Turkey Asia Investors Conference, which was held in Hong Kong and Taipei in May 2018, was seen by more than 100 Asian investors and major Turkish financial institutions as an opportunity for the diversification of their investment funding.

Our strong partnership with Turkey has always played an important role in the success of our institution

Akio Inoue, Managing Director and Chief Representative of Mizuho Bank Turkey

“Our strong partnership with Turkey has always played an important role in the success of our institution,” said Inoue.

“By continuing to work together, we’ll be able to further provide the country with our best interest and guide the way toward the growth of the Turkish economy.”


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