Mitsui fosters solid relationships with Mexico through continuous business innovations

As a country with an economy constantly on the rise, Mexico is a place where businesses have good potential for growth.

Companies such as Mitsui & Co. (Mitsui) saw this potential and has been developing its business in the country since 1955, nearly 70 years ago. The name, however, has been present since the 1910s, when the former Mitsui & Co., which is not a continuation of the current company in legal terms, started a cotton trading business.

Over the years, Mitsui shifted its focus from the trading business to operations more rooted in Mexico.

“Mitsui has exponentially grown since 2008 especially in the infrastructure area, with the acquisition of operating companies of power generation and water treatment business, as well as the development of new infrastructures. Mitsui, through its subsidiary Atlatec, has developed the Atotonilco water treatment plant, which sanitizes the wastewater emitted from the metropolitan area with a population of 20 million. We have also developed natural gas-related infrastructures, such as liquid natural gas receiving terminals,” said Michihiro Nose, president of Mitsui de Mexico.

“Regarding the steel business, we provide the automotive industry with coil processing services and semi-finished goods, besides our traditional business of importing steel,” he added.

Recently, Mitsui also started its efforts in the agriculture sector with the acquisition of Adelnor, a distributor of fertilizer, pesticide and other agricultural supplies.

To strengthen its operations in the country, Mitsui is also looking into several other segments, such as eco-friendly infrastructure and health care.

“Now we are willing to bring unique expertise and solutions from our worldwide experience and business innovations in order to improve our operations in Mexico and continue contributing to the development of the country in this way,” Nose concluded.

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