Mitsubishi Canada: Driving innovation and creating shared value

With its diversified portfolio, global network and commitment to sustainability, Mitsubishi Corp. develops and operates businesses across an array of industries.

The company officially began doing business in Canada in 1956 and established Mitsubishi Canada Ltd. in Vancouver in 1965.

“Over the years, MCL has been involved in a wide variety of trade and businesses. Recently, we’ve been supporting Mitsubishi Corporation in its focus on business in Canada in two areas: natural resources and innovation. With abundant natural resources and a strong and skilled workforce, Canada has great potential, and is uniquely positioned for significant growth and long-term success in both sectors,” Kaori Namiki, president and CEO of MCL, shared.

The company’s vibrant commitment to the Canadian market — propelled by its tenets of corporate responsibility to society, integrity and fairness, and global understanding through business — has resulted in large investments, especially in the areas of alternative energy and energy transition.

“Mitsubishi Corporation has made significant commitments to create a viable liquefied natural gas supply chain here in Canada; firstly, through our upstream in-vestment in shale gas development via the Cutbank Ridge Partnership, followed by our investment in LNG Canada.”

Corporate responsibility to society is one of Mitsubishi Corporation’s core philosophies, since the company’s inception.

Kaori Namiki, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Canada Ltd.

“We’ve also invested in the Turnagain nickel project in north-ern BC (British Columbia), nickel being one of the critical minerals in electric vehicle batteries. Further-more, we’re currently considering new projects that not only tap into Canada’s blue and green ammonia production potential, but also hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, in line with Canada’s car-bon reduction commitments.

”Aside from resource-based ventures, MCL has likewise invested in a number of innovative, tech-driven and sustainability-minded Canadian companies and startups.

“Corporate responsibility to society is one of Mitsubishi Corporation’s core philosophies, since the company’s inception,” Namiki added. “At the same time, as a member of the Canadian community for almost 70 years, we also understand the importance of collaboration and active engagement with all of our unique stakeholders — First Nation, local businesses and com-munities — alike.”

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