MHO-Co navigates business using modern solutions

MHO-Co A/S, a Danish company based in Esbjerg, covers the demand for transportation to offshore wind farms in the greenest and most economically viable way. The firm aims to provide its clients not just with modern vessels, but also with safer and more reliable vessels.

“MHO-Co is building new ships with a modern design and fewer materials, resulting in lighter vessels,” said Mik Henriksen, founder and CEO of MHO-Co.

Working in the industry for roughly 25 years, Mik Henriksen has had plenty of experience with vessel management — both in the offshore wind industry and in other capacities, such as CTVs (crew transfer vessels) operations.

With the help of MHO-Co’s inhouse experts, past experience from previous ferry businesses and collaboration with leading naval architects, the company’s vision to create more cost-efficient CTVs with an optimized design has turned into a reality.

“These CTVs consume approximately 20 percent less fuel compared to similar CTVs. This in itself is positive both environmentally, as well as financially. However, we also strive to be a leading body in the industry with our focus on innovative solutions to cutting carbon emissions and developing green, alternative technologies,” said Henriksen.

“Since the vessels are faster, the technicians would be able to spend less time on transfers; time which they can reallocate to doing actual work on wind farms.”

According to Henriksen, the new CTVs will have more days per year available to operate, which will give them a chance to provide their customers with a safer service even when the weather is not stable.

“Many CTVs are not designed for optimal transport of people who are not used to traveling by sea, thus making them more prone to sea sickness,” Henriksen said. “Our unique design gives a comfortable experience to everyone.”

“MHO-Co designs CTVs that are able to address these problems, which we also predict will be the standard type of marine vessels for the next 15 to 25 years,” he said.

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