Mayekawa de Mexico upholds tradition to establish better connections

With a strong vision to provide world-class products and to give its customers the best service possible, Japanese company Mayekawa Corp. was able to make a name for itself all over the world.

Known for being one of the most advanced companies in the manufacturing industry since 1924, Mayekawa has since expanded into different countries, with Mayekawa de Mexico SA de CV being one of its most successful subsidiaries since it was founded in 1964.

Mayekawa de Mexico has contributed greatly to the success of the business, as it acquired a 20,000 square meter smelting plant in CIVAC, Morelos in 1985.

The CIVAC plant, which is currently manufacturing oil pumps and industrial compressors for the company, generated thousands of jobs and became the second-most important plant of the Mayekawa Group worldwide.

Managing such a huge production plant was no easy feat, which is why the company adopted the ways of its Japanese headquarters to conduct a smoother process for its operations.

“I am a firm believer of the hō – ren – sō (Japanese business mantra) rule at the office,” shared Masataka Ogura, general director of Mayekawa de Mexico. “We have achieved a very open and productive workplace. Thanks to good communication and effective management, we were able to merge the Japanese way of doing business with Mexican practices.”

As the company continues to grow in Mexico, Mayekawa hopes to further strengthen its relationship with the country in the coming years.

“Our 55th anniversary this year gave us the opportunity to celebrate our relationship with Mexico” said Ogura. “Being able to share this moment with everyone at the office together with their families was a very special moment.”

As of the moment, Mayekawa is planning on opening new subsidiaries in Central America to add to its 11 other companies across the region.

Ogura points out that focusing on the satisfaction of their customers is the reason behind the success of the company.

“Our philosophy is very customer centric, listening to the feedback from our clients helps us improve ourselves,” Ogura said. “We are always thinking of ways on how we could support our clients in order to provide them with better service.”

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