Keeping business ties with Japan and Taiwan cool and comfortable

Established in 1937, the Hotai Group has developed into one of Taiwan’s largest conglomerates.

Initially founded as a general goods trading company, enabling business between China and Japan, the Hotai Group is active across a diverse range of industries, including automobiles, food, finance, logistics, manufacturing and home and industrial appliances.

Having secured distribution rights with major Japan-based companies and brands, including Toyota Motor Corp., Lexus, Hino Motors Ltd., Yokohama Tire Corp., Aichi Steel Corp. and Nittoseiko Co., today the Hotai Group reflects the strong economic partnership shared between Taiwan and Japan.

In 1963, group company Hotai Development was established as a kitchen equipment manufacturer. The company became the exclusive distributor in 1991 for air conditioners made by Daikin Industries Ltd. and from its headquarters in the Neihu District of Taipei, has grown into the largest air conditioner supplier in Taiwan.

“Our success is based on our ability to deliver industry-leading Daikin products and services to our customers across Taiwan.

TONY SOO, Chairman, Hotai Development

At 36,000 square kilometers, Taiwan is geographically one-tenth the size of Japan. Hotai Development and the Daikin brand today lead Taiwan’s highly competitive air conditioner market, ahead of over 100 other brands.

“Our success is based on our ability to deliver industry-leading Daikin products and services to our customers across Taiwan,” said Tony Soo, chairman of Hotai Development. “Our core values remain founded on speciality, service and our commitment to innovation across all aspects of our business.”

The company has ensured the Daikin brand leads the Taiwan residential and commercial air conditioner market by providing total solutions and a diverse product line in addition to marketing, industrial design and engineering services through its subsidiary companies.

“With approximately 1,000 dealers, our dealership network is very strong and we place great emphasis on providing a high level of customer service,” Soo said. “Our strong team of maintenance personnel are able to serve our clients all year round, delivering a timely and quality-driven service which is particularly important in the hot summer months.”

Japan’s Daikin Industries invested in Hotai Development in 2016 and today owns a 10% stake in the company.

“Through our joint venture, we fully expect to build on our successful relationship and strengthen the Hotai Development and Daikin partnership,” Soo concluded.

“The Daikin product range is outstanding and as we expand and grow our business in Taiwan, we are proud to be in a position to share our success with our dealers and customers as we approach our 60th anniversary in 2023.”

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