Japan Tobacco International Turkey: A conscious contributor to society

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) established its production facility in Turkey in 1993 with current total capital investments exceeding $1.4 billion.

JTI Turkey was the first Turkey-based tobacco export company. Today Turkey has become the company’s second-largest market and is home to the company’s third-largest factory.

The company works closely with Turkish farmers to secure the supply of high-quality oriental tobacco leaves — 75 percent is used in domestic products and 25 percent is used in products exported to international markets. The company’s 80,000 square meter factory in Torbali, Izmir employs approximately 2,300 employees, including its sales force, produces 12 brands and is constantly expanding operations. The company’s technical training center serves local and international employees and up-skills the company’s global workforce.

JTI Turkey places great importance on its well-qualified workforce and combines experienced employees with university graduates to foster a balanced workforce founded on knowledge, expertise and innovation.

“We are proud of our commitment to Turkey and our ability to not only export our products, but also focus on exporting talent to the world,” said Mehdi Bejar, factory director of Japan Tobacco International Turkey.

“The country is an ideal hub for business and offers companies cost competitiveness, growth opportunities and access to international markets. We also optimize local natural resources. Our use of natural gas and solar to power our manufacturing facility has saved one gigawatt of electricity monthly.”

Inspired by the work of the country’s ethnic population, JTI Turkey supports local community initiatives in correspondence with nongovernmental organizations.

The company has established numerous women-empowerment initiatives such as the My Inspiration is My Future program that supports and encourages woman to build their own legacies. Approximately 420 female graduates have completed the program and 25 percent are today managing their own businesses.

We are proud of our commitment to Turkey and our ability to not only export our products, but also focus on exporting talent to the world

Mehdi Bejar, Factory Director of Japan Tobacco International Turkey

“Our success is based on our ability to grow our business and as we continue to do so, we intend to support people across the country through our highly-effective corporate social responsibility activities,” Bejar concluded.


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